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TikTok's big sister.

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Nov. 10 2023, Published 12:30 p.m. ET

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From closet decluttering to adorable cat content, Kristi Howard has the girlies covered. To her millions of TikTok followers, Kristi is almost like a big sister — you know, the one you'd FaceTime before a night out because you don't know what to wear, or the one who would come over with ice cream because your boyfriend just broke up with you. The Nashville-based influencer has no qualms about sharing her life and journey, which is why her dedicated fanbase just can't get enough of her humorous authenticity.

Distractify chatted with Kristi to learn about her childhood celebrity crush, her most used emoji, and more.

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If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?

KH: An outline of a kitty :) I’m a cat lady suddenly.

What’s your most-used emoji?

KH: 🐈‍⬛ LOL, but I think the cherry emoji is the cutest 🍒

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Talk about the moment you felt you had "made it" in your career,

KH: The first couple of times I would get recognized was always such a crazy feeling. Especially when it’s somewhere far away from where I live! I forget that my demographic isn’t just here in the south. Also, every time someone who I've grown up watching on TV or followed for years follows me back, I’m always shocked. It’s all so crazy!

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Source: instagram/@kristihoward
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If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

KH: Keep having fun. Go to the parties. Go to the events. My anxiety got a lot worse as I got older, and I used to be able to go out and socialize without a care in the world ... now I feel like it’s a huge step for me to even get myself to go to one social setting. I feel like a grandma now, so I’d tell my younger self to stop staying in and keep rallying while you can LOL. Life is short so, go make those memories!

Tell us about the first concert you ever attended.

KH: It was the Hillary Duff concert in Duluth, Ga. The speakers caught on fire and she had to run backstage. We thought it was part of the performance!

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What’s your favorite snack food of all time?

KH: Mozzarella cheese and tomatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper. But mainly just pieces of cheese.

Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

KH: Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber.

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Source: instagram/@kristihoward; Getty images

Shout out one of your favorite fellow creators!

KH: I love my girl @SadieCrowell. She reminds me so much of myself, LOL. Except she’s younger and cooler. I also stan queens who put time into their edits/videos because it really takes so much time!

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What’s your go-to karaoke song?

KH: I’ve never done karaoke, but I’d probably request the Zoey 101 theme song. I have no idea why, but it is the most common thing I sing everytime I clean the house, LOL. I always am gonna be dancing tho'. Raised surface or not.

Tell us about your dream collaboration.

KH: I think it would be so epic to collaborate with a food chain on my own sauce. I am such a sauce/condiment girly; I even named my 3 cats after sauces. I don’t ever eat food without some sauce on it (OK fine, I DRENCH it) so to come together and create something with a brand would be AMAZING. Or to be able to collaborate with a makeup brand on a product. My younger self would be fulfilled in so many ways, it makes my stomach get butterflies thinking about that!

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If you couldn’t be a content creator, what would your dream job be?

KH: Something in entertainment or videography for sure. I also look forward to being a mom and being super involved in my family's life in the future, which is 100 percent a full time job!

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Share your top three desert-island necessities.

KH: Contacts (I am so blind I literally would be zero help if I didn’t have my contacts or glasses); my boyfriend so that I’m not alone and he can go get food and build stuff while I cry and tan; a boat with enough fuel to get me home, LOL.

What’s your No. 1 distraction?

KH: My phone. I’ll do a bunch of work from it, then get sidetracked and realize I’m down an entire rabbit hole of the randomest thing that I randomly had a thought about. It’s a never ending cycle, LOL.

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