Bride Thinks Brother-in-Law Is Flirting With Her, Threatens to Disinvite Him From Wedding

In a viral post, a bride revealed that she doesn't want her brother-in-law at her wedding because he apparently flirts with her all the time.

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Nov. 8 2023, Published 3:56 p.m. ET

A bride doesn't want her BIL at her wedding because she thinks he flirts with her and tries to make her jealous.
Source: Getty Images / Reddit / u/ImpressiveGene9677

Every day, hundreds of people take to the popular "AITA" ("Am I the A------?") subreddit and post about their real-life interpersonal conflicts. More often than not, we assume each thread has at least some truth to it — but this one post we're about to discuss with you seems as phony as a three-dollar bill.

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The original poster, who goes by the handle u/ImpressiveGene9677, revealed that she doesn't want her brother-in-law at her wedding because he allegedly flirts with her and tries to make her jealous every chance he gets.

Read on for the whole story. Plus, keep scrolling to hear what the internet has to say about this sticky situation!

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A bride thought her BIL was flirting with her, so she threatened to disinvite him from the wedding.

The OP provided some context, revealing that when she was 18, she went on a date with a guy. She had a really great time, but he told her he didn't feel a connection. The OP was heartbroken, and they went their separate ways.

Three years later, the OP met her fiancé. They hit it off immediately, and about six months into their relationship, she went to dinner with his family and realized that his brother was the guy from her date. She told her fiancé, and he was "fine with it." The OP also messaged his brother, telling him she didn't know they were related. She told him that she didn't want their past to disturb her new relationship, and he responded by letting her know they were "all good."

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Redditor u/ImpressiveGene9677 claimed her BIL always flirts with her and tries to make her jealous.
Source: Reddit / u/ImpressiveGene9677

However, the OP claimed he "continually flirted" with her in front of her fiancé. She penned, "When we meet him for dinner, he always flirts, saying stuff like telling me my dress looks nice, that I look great, or telling me a specific thing on the menu looks like something I would like."

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"He also tries to make me jealous all the time, like when we all are out with his family, he sometimes brings a girl with him," the OP continued, "if they have been dating for some time ... he will always kiss her on the cheek, talk with her all the time and flirting with her." OK, either this post is fake AF or this girl is DELUSIONAL!

The OP kept her mouth shut for a while, but eventually, she couldn't take it anymore. So, she told her fiancé that she didn't want his brother at their wedding because he "always flirts with me and tries to make me jealous."

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Redditor / u/ImpressiveGene9677 revealed that her BIL apologized for making her uncomfortable.
Source: Reddit / u/ImpressiveGene9677

As expected, her fiancé was confused; he asked if this "flirting" occurred when he wasn't around, but she confirmed it happened right in front of his face. He simply laughed and asked if she was joking, which enraged the OP. She told her fiancé that if he couldn't see how "truly disgusting his brother's behavior is, then he is not who I thought he was."

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In the end, the OP said she and her fiancé have "barely talked" since their argument. She also noted that his brother texted her, telling her it wasn't his intention to make her feel uncomfortable.

Reddit users agreed that the OP isn't over her future brother-in-law.

The post, which was published on Nov. 7, 2023, has received more than 3,400 fellow Redditors who agreed that the OP's brother-in-law was never flirting with her or trying to make her jealous.

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"He is being nice to you and trying to make you feel included in the family, and you think that's flirting? He has a date and kisses another girl, and you think that is him trying to make you jealous?" reads the top comment. "You had one date with him eight years ago, and are still thinking about how it wasn't a match. ... YTA and delusional."

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A second Reddit user agreed, writing, "YTA. You were heartbroken after one date? You are making so much more than it actually is. You still seem to be the same teenager you were a few years ago. This is high school crap. Apologize to your fiancé & BIL, or you may not get married at all. Who wants this s--- happening at every family gathering?"

"Imagine meeting a one-off date again [three] years later and sending him a text that 'we shouldn't let the past disturb my relationship.' Girl, what past?!? It was one date!" a third user said. "Talk about main character syndrome."

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Others suggested that despite going on one date, the OP isn't fully over her fiancé's brother.

"Yeah, it's strange. OP, you should really think about whether you're still in love with your fiancé's brother," a Redditor commented. "If you are, you should reconsider the whole wedding. Your fiancé doesn't deserve that."

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Someone else replied, "You're reading more into his actions because you didn't get over him. He isn't flirting with you. He's being nice. He isn't trying to make you jealous. Kissing someone on the cheek and flirting with who he is actually dating is perfectly normal. It has nothing to do with you. You're just jealous."

"I mean, an 18-year-old is basically [in] high school, so even if it is dramatic, it can be understandable the OP was heartbroken. Irrational, sure, but an 18-year-old lacks experience," another person explained. "OP's response now? She sounds like someone who never got over this guy."

What do you think? Was the OP's future BIL flirting with her? Let us know!

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