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Source: Netflix

Allison Doesn't Die on 'Umbrella Academy' — But She'll Look Very Different in Season 2

By Amber Garrett

Even if Netflix has unceremoniously killed off its Marvel franchise shows, it's definitely not done with comic book adaptations judging from the success of Umbrella Academy. The new show, based on the comic series written by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, is almost certain to get a season 2 order. But many fans are wondering what characters will even make it to a second installation.

If you've gotten as far as episode 8, for example, you may be wondering whether Allison will make it to another season. Well, we heard a rumor about that, so read on if you're not worried about spoilers.

Does Allison die on Umbrella Academy? (Season 1 finale spoilers)

We don't blame you if,  after watching episode 8, you're asking this very question. That installment ends with Vanya lashing out in anger when she learns Allison is responsible for her growing up thinking she was powerless. At Dr. Hargreeves' behest, Allison told her sister, "I heard a rumor you were ordinary," which buried any knowledge of her abilities (other than playing the violin).  In a rage, Vanya slashed Allison's throat and immediately regretted her actions as she watched her sibling bleed out on the ground.