Allison Doesn't Die on 'Umbrella Academy' — But She'll Look Very Different in Season 2

After having her throat slit, many fans wonder if Allison dies on Umbrella Academy. Here's everything we know about her fate, her powers, and the future of the show itself.

Amber Garrett - Author

Apr. 27 2020, Updated 1:17 p.m. ET

does allison die umbrella academy
Source: Netflix

Even if Netflix has unceremoniously killed off its Marvel franchise shows, it's definitely not done with comic book adaptations judging from the success of Umbrella Academy. The new show, based on the comic series written by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, is almost certain to get a season 2 order. But many fans are wondering what characters will even make it to a second installation.

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If you've gotten as far as episode 8, for example, you may be wondering whether Allison will make it to another season. Well, we heard a rumor about that, so read on if you're not worried about spoilers.

Does Allison die on Umbrella Academy? (Season 1 finale spoilers)

We don't blame you if,  after watching episode 8, you're asking this very question. That installment ends with Vanya lashing out in anger when she learns Allison is responsible for her growing up thinking she was powerless. At Dr. Hargreeves' behest, Allison told her sister, "I heard a rumor you were ordinary," which buried any knowledge of her abilities (other than playing the violin).  In a rage, Vanya slashed Allison's throat and immediately regretted her actions as she watched her sibling bleed out on the ground. 

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does allison die umbrella academy

Thankfully, their brothers come to the rescue and get Allison to the hospital in time. However, her injury have rendered her mute, which effectively makes her powerless. Vanya is briefly imprisoned by her siblings but uses her dark powers to escape. proceeding with putting on a concert that will really bring the house down (and, you know, end the world). 

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Allison helps her siblings in their attempt to put a stop to the apocalypse by distracting her sister. The good news is it's effective enough to stop Vanya from turning the Earth into a big fireball. The bad news is that she ends up destroying the moon instead. As chunks of moon descend onto Earth it becomes pretty clear the world is going to end momentarily.

allison umbrella academy concert
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However, that's when Number 5 comes in. Using his time traveling abilities, he is able to transport all the siblings — including an incapacitated Vanya — back in time. 

Allison and the other Hargreeves will look very different in Season 2

In an arc shot of the siblings at the end of the season finale, we see them transform into their younger selves (except for the perpetually young Number 5, who remains the same). Though a second season has yet to be confirmed, it feels like a sure thing given the show's popularity, and there is certainly enough story to explore, though it will likely diverge from the story in the sequel series to the comics, Umbrella Academy: Dallas.

Much of that series takes place in the 1960s and involves, among other things, Five's role in the JFK assassination. It seems more likely the next season will take place when the Hargreeves were teens at the Academy.

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young allison umbrella academy
Source: Netflix

Does Allison get her powers back?

It remains to be seen whether Allison gets her powers back, or if she and her siblings will be able to find some kind of workaround that doesn't require vocal cords, but it should provide plenty of runway for Season 2, along with figuring out how to undo Vanya's destruction. 

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