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Marty Deeks Isn't Leaving 'NCIS:LA' — Consider the Rumors Debunked


Marty Deeks needs no introduction. 

A crucial member of the NCIS: Los Angeles team, the LAPD-NCIS Liaison Officer has shown time and time again that he has an unparalleled talent to get himself out of sticky situations. In the Season 11 premiere of the series, we watched him tackle dozens of terrorists with the sheer power of his intellect, and save his wife, Kensi Blye, despite the slim odds. The officer is practically invincible — or is he? 

Fans are wondering: Does Deeks die in NCIS: LA

So, does Deeks die (aka is Eric Olsen leaving NCIS: LA)?

Deeks demonstrated incredible flair when it comes to dealing with unusual predicaments. Whether it be about terrorist attacks, explosions, or a kidnap, the officer is able to handle conflicts with a cool head and rare charisma. 

In the course of 10 seasons — Eric joined the cast in Season 2 — viewers had plentiful of opportunities to grow fond of the blonde, baby blue-eyed charmer. However, according to the latest rumors, we will have to make adjustments very soon.