A Run Down of All the Times Elisa's in Danger in 'Who Killed Sara' Season 2

Elisa's life is constantly in danger throughout the second season of 'Who Killed Sara?', but does she actually die during season 2?


May 20 2021, Published 10:58 a.m. ET

Elisa and Alex in Who Killed Sara?
Source: Netflix

Just two months after the first season, the second season of Who Killed Sara? is already out on Netflix. The Mexican mystery thriller tells the story of Álex Guzmán (Manolo Cardona), a man convicted for the murder of his sister, which is a crime he didn't commit. The series follows Álex after he is released from prison 18 years later and attempts to uncover what happened to his sister. 

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Does Elisa die in 'Who Killed Sara'?

Although Álex is the show's main character, he's not the only person who drives the action of the series. Elisa Lazcano (Carolina Miranda) is the youngest member of the Lazcano family, who Álex believes are responsible for the death of his sister because she was pregnant by their son. She and Álex ultimately fall in love, and it's up to Elisa to be a voice of reason as Álex attempts to exact revenge on her family. 

elisa die who killed sarah
Source: Netflix
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Following season 2, fans want to know whether Elisa has met her end on the show yet. Although her life is in peril at several key moments over the course of the season, Elisa always manages to make it out alive. 

In one key moment early on in the season, she follows Álex to an amusement park where he's rigged a series of explosive traps for Cesar Lozcano, the man he suspects of killing his sisters. 

The traps go off, but instead of hurting Cesar, Elisa gets caught in the crossfire and is badly wounded. Elisa eventually recovers from those injuries but finds herself once again in jeopardy after she is kidnapped by Sergio Hernández and his team in order to lure Cesar into a trap. Instead, Cesar and Álex team up in order to rescue her and avoid Sergio's trap. 

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Elisa's life is also threatened at the end of the season as her family's empire begins to crumble. She travels to the Lozcano casino, douses the building in gasoline, and sets it on fire. For a moment, it seems like Elisa is going to let herself burn along with the building, but Álex shows up and ensures that she successfully escapes. 

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Carolina Miranda said the prep for season 2 was intense emotionally.

In an interview with Esquire, Carolina said that, in spite of the many life-threatening situations that Elisa deals with over the course of the show's second season, the preparation for season 2 was more intense internally than physically. 

"It was amazing to make the second season because the preparation was more inside," she explained. "It's not action, to run or to have this kind of body type, it's more inside." 

"To make all the emotions come out," she continued. "It was very difficult because if you see the show, Elisa was torturado [tortured]. We were working a whole year for the second season. So we have the pandemic time for table work with production and with the directors and the actors. Throughout the pandemic, we were in touch so we can know everything about the character and how we are going to play with that."  

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