Can Storing Your PS5 Vertically Actually Cause Damage? Let's Debunk

Sara Belcher - Author

Dec. 6 2023, Published 6:00 p.m. ET

Source: Sony

The Gist:

  • The PlayStation 5 was marketed as a console that could be stored horizontally or vertically.
  • Some claim storing your PS5 vertically can cause serious damage to the console.
  • Most of the claims have been debunked, and others claim it's safe to store the console how you see fit.
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When the PlayStation 5 was launched, Sony fans were less than thrilled about the console's design — the bulky white console barely fit in most media tables, and the design was futuristic in a way that many didn't like. One of the only redeeming factors of the next-gen console's design was that it could be displayed vertically, offering versatility in your gaming setup.

Unfortunately, it seems that though Sony markets the console as one that can safely be stored upright, there are multiple reports that it's led to some serious issues with their consoles — while others claim they've had more issues with the console store horizontally. Though the console is no longer impossible to find, purchasing a second one isn't high on anyone's to-do list. Here's a breakdown as to why many are saying don't store your PS5 vertically.

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Storing the PS5 vertically can lead to dry spots on your console's APU.

Regardless of the ongoing debates among PS5 players, one small-town tech repair shop posted a TikTok sharing the evidence of damage caused by storing the console vertically.

"I know Sony says that you can, and I know it's got this nice flat base so it looks and it sits just fine, but you are going to kill your PS5," one of the employees says in the video before showing the issue.

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The liquid metal on the heat sync for the APU will pool to one side (typically the bottom) when the console is stored vertically, leaving dry spots on the APU and potentially leading to the console shutting off randomly during play or breaking altogether. The APU is an incredibly hard piece of hardware to replace in the PS5, meaning it's not a simple DIY project should your console develop this issue.

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Despite the clear damage shown in the video, the comments are filled with people rebutting that storing their console vertically ever caused damage. In fact, some of the comments suggest that they have further problems with it overheating if they store the PS5 on its side.

"My friend has his PS5 horizontal and he's the one going thru the issues of his PS5 overheating and turning off whilst mine's been fine standing up," one commenter said.

Claims that the PS5 will be damaged if stored vertically have been debunked.

Spawn Wave, a tech and video game YouTuber, dove into this issue on his channel. Though it's possible for the liquid metal to pool in your PS5 if you store it upright, he argues in a video that Sony's design has attempted to reduce the chances of this happening — meaning your vertical console is probably fine.

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“Sony did go above and beyond here with this barrier," he said.

It seems that the best way to store your PS5 console is whatever way fits your gaming setup best — but if you start to have issues with the console, consider switching its orientation if you suspect the APU may be the issue.

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