DoorDash Driver Wants to Sue a Customer Over Stairs, Internet Sides With the Customer

A DoorDash driver threatened to sue a customer after refusing to use the stairs to deliver their food, but the internet is backing the customer.

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Jun. 27 2023, Published 10:06 p.m. ET

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In most online incidents involving food service workers, we usually end up siding with the worker. The internet has shown us plenty of food delivery drivers, servers, and baristas getting mistreated or grossly underpaid for the things they're forced to put up with on a regular basis. It's rare that an issue of service ever puts the server at fault and not the customer. However, in one particular incident with a DoorDash driver, the internet wholeheartedly sides with the customer over the server.

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In a thread posted to the official DoorDash subreddit, a customer spills the tea on a confrontation they had with a delivery driver who threatened to sue the customer over an escalating issue involving the stairs to the customer's apartment. As of this writing, folks on Reddit seem to have wholeheartedly sided with the customer on this one, despite the threat of a lawsuit amid this perceived transgression.

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A DoorDash driver threatens to sue a customer after refusing to use their stairs.

In a thread on the DoorDash subreddit that might be considered worthy of an AITA post, u/thebunnywhisperer_ posted about their strange experience with a DoorDash driver. They even provided screenshots of their text exchange.

Presumably, OP reported their order as missing, because the driver went too far as to question their report, claiming that the order was dropped off properly.

Apparently, the driver hadn't received a picture, which most delivery services offer to ensure that the food was delivered to the right place. OP claimed that the food wasn't at their door.

The driver addressed the issue immediately, albeit with a baffling response.

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"It's downstairs because I didn't want to climb the stairs to get to your apartment," the driver texted. "You'd know that if you actually looked for it instead of complaining to DoorDash."

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Even for someone working in as harsh a line of work as food service, the driver easily comes off as rude toward the customer.

Unfortunately, the drama doesn't stop there. According to the driver, they got fired over the report.

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"I didn't want you to get fired," the customer declared after the driver inexplicably told them about their job status.

"You'd better pay me my lost wages or I'm suing," they threatened over text.

For the most part, folks on Reddit are firmly in the customer's corner. Many users are baffled at the idea that the driver didn't think it was important to deliver the food to a specific door as opposed to the apartment building as a whole.

"They missed the DoorDash part of the job," one user commented.

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Some folks even leaned into the driver's odd behavior.

"It doesn't specify which door," one person remarked. "Maybe they should rebrand to ApartmentDoorDash to make it less confusing for this guy."

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In all seriousness, most folks believe that the driver should have brought it to the door in the first place or at least told the customer where they had left it if not at the door. In fact, OP confirmed in a later comment that the driver couldn't even be bothered to do that.

"I honestly wouldn't have minded if he actually told me where the food was instead of leaving me to guess," OP mentioned.

Even then, however, people supported OP, asserting that they shouldn't have to walk all over the apartment grounds to find their delivery order in the first place.

If you ever order from DoorDash again, you'd better hope that a person like this won't be delivering your food.

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