Memes About Dora the Explorer's Height Show How Unrealistic It Really Is

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jan. 5 2021, Published 3:18 p.m. ET

dora the explorer height
Source: Nickelodeon

Regardless of how old you are or which golden era you grew up in, you probably know all about the Nickelodeon educational show Dora the Explorer. And, chances are, before you’ve finished learning all about the drama surrounding her height, you’ll have the catchy theme song in your head. So sorry about that. But after someone on Twitter posted a screenshot of her alleged height, the internet went wild.

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Some couldn’t believe that, according to Google, Dora, the 6-year-old adventurer, is apparently 5-foot-2. Later, screenshots surfaced claiming Dora is instead 7 feet tall. Either way, the reactions also started rolling in and people are finding it hard to believe the elementary school cartoon character could be so tall. Naturally, memes are the way to go to deal with this new information.

If the internet is right, then Dora could basically be as tall as your parents.

doras height
Source: Twitter

Someone with a mom on the shorter side tweeted that Dora is as tall as their mom if Dora is, in fact, 5-foot-2. There’s totally nothing wrong with that height in the grand scheme of things, regardless of who in real life is measured at that height. However, the thought of Dora the Explorer herself being as tall as your parent is kind of unnerving.

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Being 5-foot-2 is considered average for an adult, let alone Dora, a 6-year-old.

One Twitter user shared the screenshot of Dora’s height being 5-foot-2 and couldn't handle the fact that they are basically the same height. Whether Dora is really supposed to be that tall is debatable, but for those of us who are on the shorter side, learning that a child on a cartoon is the same height just isn't fun.

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If Dora is that tall, then how tall is the rest of her family?

Another meme someone shared on Twitter shows Dora with the rest of her family. If she really is just a tad taller than 5 feet, then how tall does that make the rest of her family? Are they part of some alien race who lives to be an average of 10 feet tall? The show does feature a talking monkey, so nothing is really out of the question here.

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People who are shorter than Dora are ready to throw down.

There’s no shame in a short man’s (or woman’s) game. But those who are substantially older than Dora aren't ready to accept that she may be as tall as them or even taller. Can you imagine a 6-year-old almost towering over you in real life? It’s just a bit frightening, never mind Dora’s overall demeanor being a little creepy IRL.

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Dora might also be way taller than 5-foot-2.

After people kicked up a storm about Dora’s height being listed as a couple inches above 5 feet on Google, suddenly the search results changed. And as of right now, if you look it up, the Google-generated answer for Dora’s height is 9-foot-10. Before that, it was 7 feet tall. If that’s the case, then everyone around her on the show is just frighteningly huge.

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No one wants to be as short as a cartoon 6-year-old.

When it comes down to it, literally no one on the internet who is around 5 feet tall is happy to potentially be in the same height range as Dora the Explorer. She might be a master of more than one language and smart enough to teach 2-year-olds how to count, but she’s not exactly a role model for grown-ups.

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But if Dora is really that tall, the shame is real.

The average height of a 6-year-old is a little more than 4 feet tall. So those who have found out that Dora might be substantially taller than that, or even just a little over 5 feet tall, are freaking out. Many are tweeting their disbelief, while others are ready to crawl into a figurative hole and come out when Dora’s height is changed to something more realistic.

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Dora's height is all over the place.

Whatever Dora’s actual height is supposed to be on Dora the Explorer, you can rest easy knowing that she’s literally a fictional cartoon character. If she’s 6, 7 or even 10 feet tall, there’s really no shame in her being able to tower over you if your paths were to cross. Because they won't. But tell that to Twitter.

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