Dorien Edgar Comes From a Long Line of Alligator Hunters on 'Swamp People'

Dorien Edgar, the prodigal Edgar son who left the swamp years ago, is set to cause all kinds of drama on the new season of 'Swamp People.'


Feb. 18 2021, Published 1:43 p.m. ET

The 12th season of Swamp People has kept fans of the show deeply entertained. It's continued to provide the laughs and thrills that the show has come to be known for, and it also features Dorien Edgar in a prominent role. Despite being from a prominent fishing family, Darien is something of an outsider. Still, he's quickly become a point of intrigue for fans who have come to know him in recent seasons. 

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Who is Dorien Edgar on 'Swamp People'?

Dorien Edgar comes from the Edgar family, which has a long history in the alligator hunting business. As one of the younger members of the family, Dorien actually left the world of alligator hunting to work in oil fields in Texas and Oklahoma. Dorien returned to the swamp and gave us a new perspective on the family business. He grew up immersed in it but ultimately decided to leave it as an adult. 

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Now, one of the central questions the show is attempting to answer is whether Dorien can be convinced to stay in Louisiana to work inside the family business. As Swamp People has made clear through its existing seasons, alligator hunting tends to be a family business, and it might be something that the older members of Dorien's family are eager to pass down to him. 

Is Dorien Daniel Edgar's grandson?

Dorien is the son of Dwaine Edgar, whose father is Daniel Edgar. Daniel is the head of the family and is responsible for much of the Edgars' success in the world of alligator hunting. As the entire Edgar clan has become more well-known through Swamp People, fans have come to appreciate Daniel's life philosophies and admire the way that he's raised his family. 

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"My personality is somewhat like my dad," Daniel explained in an interview with Kreol Magazine. "I joke, I really like to make people laugh, comfortable, and happy. When it comes to working, I am not so tolerant. I push a little and that’s because the life is going to push on me." 

Daniel entered the commercial fishing business at a very young age and actually followed in his father's footsteps in that regard. 

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“I fell in love with making money fishing," he explained. “I fell in love with being able to get paid to catch a crawfish, a crab, or a fish… As a kid, I always wanted to be on a boat with dad and my grandfather. I enjoy fishing and hunting recreationally, and I know that my kids enjoy it too." 

In that way, the family business has become a way for the entire Edgar clan to bond over a shared passion.  

Since the show debuted, Dorien, Daniel, and the rest of the Edgar family have seen enormous benefits to their business. 

“The impact of Swamp People on our industry is colossal. The Creole and Cajun cultures are now known throughout the world," he explained. 

"The demand in alligator meat has skyrocketed, and that keeps the alligator farmers in business and at the same time immensely contributed to the sale of wild alligator meat," Daniel continued. "That helps to keep the wild alligator numbers steady. I feel that, without the show, the wild alligator management plan would be in a disarray.”

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