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'Dragon Ball Z' Fans Want to Know if the Series Will Be Available to Watch on Netflix



So many people grew up watching Dragon Ball Z that it has now returned to the zeitgeist in a big way. The show, in which the galaxy's greatest fighters face each other on Earth, is beloved by so many, especially those who were kids in the '90s. And there have been rumors circulating that it might be available on Netflix sometime soon... So what's the word?

Is Dragon Ball Z going to be available on Netflix?

That seems to be the rumor going around right now. And I know tons of people who would absolutely binge the crap out of all the Dragon Ball Z the second it hits a streaming service. Honestly, it would be a huge deal for most 20-somethings I know.

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First, let's go over which properties are actually in the Dragon Ball Z universe. Dragon Ball started out as a manga series in the late 1980s. Dragon Ball Z is actually the sequel, and it began airing in Japan in 1989 before getting dubbed and airing in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. And that's when it exploded in popularity.

Since the inception of Dragon Ball Z, there have been multiple movies, TV specials, and video games, putting it on par with Pokémon in terms of its cultural influence. People love their Dragon Ball Z, so it's understandable that they want to see this super nostalgic series from their youth available to stream on Netflix.

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Unfortunately, it seems like the rumor that Dragon Ball Z is headed to Netflix is just that — a rumor. At least for now, anyway. According to What's on Netflix, Dragon Ball Z doesn't seem to be headed to the streaming platform anytime soon. It seems like the rumor may have started because of the "Latin American regions were set to receive the series," but that too seems to be a rumor.

Alas, it might be some time before you can follow the adventures of Goku and the gang on Netflix, but there is some good news here. Dragon Ball Z is available to stream on FUNimation's streaming service. And there are a few other options too.

Source: Funimation

How can you watch Dragon Ball Z?

True fans will subscribe to FUNimation's streaming service to get access to the show, but the show's first season is also available for purchase on Amazon Prime. Additionally, the original Dragon Ball, in which Goku is but a wee lad, is available to watch if you have Hulu. It's not quite the same, but it might appease superfans for now. 

The whole Dragon Ball Z franchise is so widely beloved by so many that I can't imagine it will be too long before at least the show and the movies are more widely available to stream and enjoy. Until then, you will just have to appease yourself by playing all the different versions of video games that are at your fingertips. 

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