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Driver License Testers Share the Craziest Things People Have Done to Fail Their Tests


I was so excited to get my license when I was 16. In my town, you had to drive to get anywhere, and a license meant freedom. I was so nervous when I was in line to take my test. Like, more nervous than I'd ever been in my life. I'd heard tale of the famously harsh tester dubbed "Failing Gail," and she was definitely there that day. When I finally got to the front of the line, as ready as I'd ever be for the test I'd made the appointment for months before, I was immediately denied the ability to take the test because the inspection on our car was expired. My mom had forgotten to get it done. And so we had to drive home and I had to wait another three months to take the test again. 

Clearly, I'm over it. I eventually went back and got my license on the first try. And I've been driving ever since. But that experience scarred me. Driver license testers see it all when people arrive to take their tests. And they're sharing the craziest things they've seen in one very dramatic AskReddit thread.


Let's start off with a bang. HIginger has a friend whose son just failed his driver test because he went the wrong way down a four-lane road. No one was least not physically, but man I bet neither that kid nor that instructor will ever forget the feeling of hurtling toward certain death!