The Green Shirt Guy Meme Is a Perfect Example of Finding Joy at Someone Else's Expense

Green Shirt Guy was attending a Tucson council meeting when two political protesters began talking loudly. The memes that followed were gold.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Aug. 9 2019, Updated 1:11 p.m. ET

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You ever find yourself in a serious situation but then something happens that is so absurd that it reminds you of how stupid people can be, and all you can do is laugh? It could be the most tragic of scenarios, with an individual clearly opposing an idea or agenda that is unquestionably good, yet there they are, championing a cause that's obviously villainous, so you just crack up laughing. 

Well that's exactly what happened with Green Shirt Guy.

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Alex Kack, the man wearing the green shirt, was attending a council meeting in Tucson, Arizona, to talk about making the city a "Sanctuary" for undocumented immigrants and their families. 

There are an alarming number of children who are being separated from their parents during ICE raids, and 24 undocumented children have already died in detention centers while under ICE custody since Trump became president. 

Obviously, separating innocent kids from their parents who are just trying to work and provide for them and letting them die in prisons isn't a good thing, so Tucson wanted to do something about that.

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While discussing the vote that was passed to list Tucson as a Sanctuary City on this November's ballot, two folks at the meeting began protesting the initiative. It's how they went about protesting it, however, that got Green Shirt Guy laughing so much. 

What made Green Shirt Guy laugh so hard? The origin of the popular meme explained.

They were loud, obnoxious, not really making any points about the vote or talking about the issues at hand, one of them had a Big Gulp, and they were dressed, well, like an outfit that was picked out of central casting for the exact kind of person you'd expect to act like this.

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While immigration laws are important to discuss, there's something factually incorrect that this woman in the pink shirt Alex is laughing at is wrong about: no one in that room is in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. 

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In fact, they're doing the exact opposite: they're exercising their constitutional rights to vote on laws and policies they'd like to see changed. The vote passed to be placed on the ballot this fall, where it will be voted on. That's fundamental U.S. government policy right there.

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Alex may have been laughing at that little bit of information, or because they had a public comment period that gave the woman a chance to speak, but she chose to stay quiet at that time.

Or mainly it's because of what Chrissy Teigen said above, you need to laugh in the face of utter absurdity. When someone clearly can't grasp a situation or how to go about expressing her ideas and beliefs in that situation without making a fool of themselves, maybe don't take them seriously? Just laugh.

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After going viral, Alex Kack was interviewed about the council meeting and his exuberant moment, but his focus quickly shifted to the policy at hand. He said that he believed the reason why his laughter resonated with so many people is because "the loudest voices happening right now are kinda ridiculous."

If you take a look at the political landscape right now, he's kind of right.

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Whether it's Donald Trump practicing his brand of loud-mouthed and brash trash-talking on a daily basis, or the DNC's cringe-worthy debates where each candidate tries to out-cry, out-virtue, and out-be-offended by everything more than the next candidate, we've got ourselves a pretty sorry state of political affairs right now, with many important issues being ignored by those who are seeking power.

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Alex used his viral fame to spread more awareness about the way undocumented families are being treated in America, and to urge others to vote to make Tucson a Sanctuary for their neighbors. Which got the appreciation, love, and support from tons of people on Twitter.

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As silly as the entire interaction like this was, it's viral moments like these that sometimes get more eyes on an issue. 

Maybe the Green Shirt Guy memes, tweets, and posts will spur a greater conversation on Sanctuary Cities that will hopefully lead to a more serious discussion on how to ensure the children of undocumented parents are dying in cages or being forcefully separated from their folks.

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