People Share the Dumbest Fights Their Families Have Ever Gotten Into



We know that married couples bicker about petty things all the time, but sometimes even whole families start fighting about things that either shouldn't be that big a deal or don't even make any sense to begin with. Jimmy Fallon asked people to share these arguments with the #DumbestFamilyFight hashtag, and Twitter totally delivered. These are definitely the dumbest things families have ever fought about. 

Jacquelyn and her sister fought because she was looking out of the "wrong window."

Source: Twitter

Siblings lose it over the most minor things. Maybe your brother is looking at you weird...or too much...or not at all. Honestly, siblings can find anything to complain about. Looking out of her sister's window on a car ride was obviously a capital offense, and she should have been punished accordingly.

Of course, as I am sure anyone with siblings knows, as soon as your sibling complains about something, it just makes you want to do it more and be as annoying as possible about it. That's how these silly little arguments blow up into much more. 

Speaking of inane arguments...

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I imagine this is probably the most frustrating argument to have for Tara. She's probably all like, "It's 'arGYOOOO!'" and her husband is probably like, "Ahhhh! Let's just stop ARE-YOU-ING about it!" and then it starts all over again. 

It's an impossible fight to have. There's only one thing to do in a case like this, and it's put together a presentation of clips from every movie and TV show you can find in which someone says the word "argue" and play it for your husband until he understands just how wrong he is. Sometimes, arguing about the pronunciation of words can have terrible (and very ironic) real-world effects...

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I can just imagine what his mom's face looked like when she was sitting in the emergency room with her broken toes up on a table while the doctor looked at her X-ray and repeated, "this phalange" and "that phalange" over and over again. You can't write this stuff, folks! It truly seems like something that would happen in a sitcom. 

A sitcom like 'Friends,' perhaps.

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Here's the thing about this Friends plot line; it was clearly constructed to cause controversy and make people take sides. And Elise's family totally fell for it. For the record, Ross is a douchenozzle who should have kept his junk to himself for one night until he and Rachel confirmed the terms of the "break." Obviously. 

Movies and TV shows have the capacity to confuse and rile a lot of people. This next person was a little kid when they got into an argument with their dad because they didn't understand that Harrison Ford could play two different characters in two different movies.

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This is too adorable. I don't know how, as a dad, you find the words to explain to your kid that this is totally possible, that movies are filmed in the past at different times. It would kind of feel like I was ruining the magic! But I also wouldn't want to have a dumb kid who goes around not understanding how movies work. It's a fine line to walk.

Sometimes, you only realize how impossibly silly family fights are years after they've been fought.

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Fifteen years! She'd been upset about it for 15 years. And she kept it inside all that time! If she'd just talked about it when she dreamed it, she would have realized it never happened in real life. That being said, I've dreamed that my family members have done terrible things and then been mad at them the next day, even knowing that it was a dream. But I haven't let it stew for a decade and a half!

Speaking of stew...

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This is ridiculous. Everyone knows it's all about the ratio of liquid to solid in the soup vs. stew debate. More than 50 percent liquid? It's a soup. More than 50 percent meat and veggies and whatever else? Baby, you got a stew going. 

OK, to be totally honest, I made up that explanation completely, and Taste of Home actually says it's a stew if it's cooked by stewing the ingredients, which means barely covered with liquid on low heat for a long time. Whatever. moving on. 

Source: Twitter

I think it's really sweet that this family argued about what time they should feed the cat when the cat has literally never given her human owners a second thought. I imagine they eventually figured it out when the cat stood by the food bowl and whined until they filled it. 

Cats were the source of a couple of hilarious responses to the #DumbFamilyFight thread, including the next one, which had the family consulting the vet for the answer.

Source: Twitter

I love this so very much. Of course cats have lips. They're little, but they're there. The fact that they called the vet to get the truth is something else. In a follow-up tweet, she does say that eventually, once her husband heard the truth from the vet, he did admit he was wrong. 

In a time before almost anything was googleable, arguments over facts waged on for years.

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I don't know what the case was back in 1986, but when you google it today, it says Delaware grows the most lima beans in the U.S. South Carolina and New Jersey don't even make the list, which includes California, the Pacific Northwest, and New York State.

The dumb things families fight over are always so hilarious. When you are that close with people, the silliest little things can set you off and result is years-long disagreements, broken toes, and slammed doors over things like the United States' lima bean production. That's just one reason why family dynamics are priceless.

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