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Petty Arguments Married Couples Have Over and Over Again for Years


My husband thinks we need a king-sized mattress. He'd go California King if he could. But I'm adamantly against this. This is a disagreement we've been having for years, and it's a disagreement we'll continue to have forever. A queen is more than enough room for each of us to have our own space and, once in a while, turn over to cuddle. Also, our bedroom can't accommodate a king mattress and our side tables. 

But he would prefer a wide expanse of mattress. An endless chasm of springs and foam between us. The option not to even know that I — his wife — am there, sleeping beside him. Clearly, it's fine, and I don't have strong feelings about it. Every couple who's married and/or in a long-term relationship has petty arguments that they return to over and over because both parties refuse to budge. 

Attorney Rabia O'Chaudry recently asked the people of Twitter to share the "stupid, recurring argument" that they have with their spouse. Hundreds responded. You can feel the frustration in their text. It's all way too relatable.