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There's a Possibility That Netflix May Release an 'Emily in Paris' Spinoff Series About Her Life in Chicago

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 22 2021, Published 6:15 p.m. ET

Spoiler alert: The following article contains spoilers for Season 2 of Emily in Paris.

Season 2 of Emily in Paris just dropped on Netflix and it. is. juicy. As the 20-something-year-old continues to adjust to her new Parisian lifestyle and career, she’s feeling some guilt after sleeping with Camille’s on-and-off boyfriend, Gabriel, at the end of Season 1.

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Trying to ignore her feelings for Gabriel, Emily begins dating a charming London boy named Alfie. But at the end of the day, the heart wants what it wants — and what her heart wants is Gabriel. After Emily works up the courage to tell Gabriel how she feels, she learns that he and Camille have gotten back together. Ouch.

Emily and Gabriel
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So, what's left for Emily Cooper in Paris? Is there anything left at all? Only Emily can make this decision.

By the end of Season 2, she has two options. She can return home to Chicago, where she's guaranteed a big promotion. Or she can stay in Paris and pursue a new opportunity with Sylvie, Julien, and Luc, all of whom have quit Savoir to launch their own firm.

Which will she choose? The ending credits roll before we find out.

Will there be a Season 3 of 'Emily in Paris'? And if so, when will it be released?

It seems very likely that there will be a Season 3. After all, the Season 2 finale ends on a major cliffhanger, and knowing Netflix, they wouldn't just kill off a series like that unless it had more in store. Fans need to know whether Emily stays in Paris or moves back to Chicago!

Although a third season hasn't been announced, we can probably expect it to drop towards the end of 2022 as the first two seasons both premiered at the end of their respective calendar years.

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Emily in Paris
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OK, but what if Emily moves back to Chicago? Could there be an 'Emily in Paris' spinoff series?

Possibly. Perhaps Emily in Paris Season 3 won't happen at all and instead a new series starring Emily Cooper will be released.

We say this for a couple of reasons. First, it's not unusual for Netflix to renew a series for multiple seasons at once. (For example, it renewed Selling Sunset for Seasons 4 and 5 at the same time).

Given Emily in Paris's ratings, Netflix definitely could have easily greenlit the series for Seasons 2 and 3. But they didn't, which allows us to make some assumptions.

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Perhaps Emily does go back to Chicago. That would change the entire plot of the series. In fact, Netflix probably wouldn't be able to still call the show Emily in Paris, and would then have to create a new series — possibly a spinoff series that would follow Emily's journey in the U.S. (Emily in Chicago, perhaps?)

If this happens, Netflix would definitely want to keep that information on the down-low, as to not give anything way about Season 2.

However, this is all just a wild guess. For all we know, Emily may stay in Paris for the rest of time. Either way, we're always rooting for you, Em!

Emily in Paris Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Netflix.

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