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Facebook Scammer Gets a Taste of Their Own Medicine From Targeted Victim



What do you do when you receive a message from an obvious scammer? Most of the time, I just ignore it. It doesn't seem worth it to me to engage with these people and try to get them to stop what they're doing. Once they figure out I'm onto them, they'll just move on to someone else. 

But what if you found the perfect way to get under their skin? To turn their own game back on them? That's exactly what this person did when a scammer messaged them on Facebook. They played along until the scammer thought they were in their clutches, and then the target became super annoying. It worked like a charm. The exchange was posted to Imgur, where it went completely viral because it's hilarious. 

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Obviously the first lesson here is not to friend any strangers on Facebook. I get friend requests all the time from randos I've never met before in different countries with no mutual friends. I'm just not going to accept those! But if you happen to, if you hit the wrong button or you're a more generous soul than I am, you can't be surprised when they try to scam you. 

Luckily, this scam is not very nuanced. Ah, the International Monetary Funding Company, you say? Sounds totally legitimate. Tell me everything there is to know about them. 

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It's really the stacks of money that sell it. I mean, it's a picture of dollars, so she must have those dollars. That's how pictures work. Right? This is one of the more blatantly obvious scams I've seen, and the target wasn't having it. But they thought they'd have a little fun with the scammer before telling her to buzz off. The key to seeming like you're falling for a scam is pretending you're somewhat illiterate, apparently.

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This is when it starts to get really good. They start talking in circles, and they don't stop until the scammer is dizzy with their own words. The scammer is trying to get the person to send her $1,500 so she can, ostensibly, send back $150,000. After all, $1,500 seems like a small price to pay for over a hundred thousand dollars. 

But the target knows exactly what's up and turns it all around on the scammer, instead asking them to send the money so they can then send it back. If you're getting confused reading this, that's because that's exactly the aim of the target. 

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The scammer is trying so hard to explain how the process "works" that they just keep showing their hand over and over. It feels like she's one minute away from coming out and saying, "No, you have to send us the money first because this is a scam. Don't you get it? We're just going to keep the money and not give you the $150,000."

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"Stop requesting money" is too funny. That's literally what you're doing, scammer lady! How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine? As a side note, I wasn't aware that you could request money like that through Facebook, and now I want to do it all the time. Just send requests to everyone I know.  

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Now the scammer is really mad. But she still doesn't seem to understand that this person is playing her. She seems to think she still has a shot to scam this person, that they're just misunderstanding what they need to do. Wow, this scammer is persistent. 

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Am I getting this right? The scammer even offered to lend them $1,000 if they could send her $500? She's really trying to squeeze any amount of money she can out of this person. It makes me wonder how someone gets into scamming at this level. 

What does it take to become a Facebook scammer? Is there a scammers' union? Do they make a commission? Even at this point, she's still trying to persist with this person who's clearly not getting it or, as we know, playing her hard. 

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The lava lamp kills me. Too funny. But it still doesn't seem like the scammer understands that she's being played here. She's still trying to sell the idea of that $150,000, meanwhile the target is torturing her with constantly coming down in price on the lava lamp they're purportedly trying to sell. Hilarious... but somehow, I kind of feel bad for the scammer at this point.

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,The cherry on top really was that request for $19. This seems to be the end of the exchange. I don't know if this scammer ever realized that this person was manipulating her and wasn't as clueless as they made themselves seem. But one thing is certain. If you're offered $150,000 over Facebook but you have to send $1500 first, that's a scam. 

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