Company Exposed for Hiring Fake Recruiter to Test Employee’s Job Loyalty

In a now-viral post, a person revealed that their company hired a fake recruiter to test employee loyalty. Check out the full story below.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Nov. 15 2023, Published 11:09 a.m. ET

While many companies are good and trustworthy, there are still some shady corporations out there. Take it from this person in the popular "Computer Science Career Questions" subreddit, who recently discovered that their place of employment is more suspicious than they thought.

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The original poster, who goes by the handle u/thelonelyward2, revealed that their company hired a fake recruiter to test their loyalty to the firm. Well, it sounds like they better get out of there ASAP!

Read on for the whole story. Plus, keep scrolling to hear what the internet has to say about this shocking revelation.

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A company hired a fake recruiter to test its employees' job loyalty.

The OP immediately dove into the "bizarre interaction," stating that a recruiter recently reached out to them about a job. They're currently "happily employed, making a good salary in a good environment," so the OP told the recruiter they were not interested in the new role.

After pressing send, the OP received an email saying they "passed the test." The message also revealed that the OP's company hired a fake recruiter to test employee loyalty. Um, red flag much?!

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"I honestly thought it was some new online scam or something at first, but I talked to my manager about it, and he said that yes, the firm does do that from time to time," the OP added. "Is this f------ legal? Because now, I am worried all future recruiters are 'tests,' and this left a really bad taste in my mouth."

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Redditors suggested that the OP start looking for a new job ASAP.

The now-viral post, which was shared on Nov. 6, 2023, received over 300 comments from Redditors telling the OP to ditch this "toxic" workplace in favor of a company that doesn't have similar shady tactics.

"Your primary reaction to this sort of thing should be to start looking for a different job, regardless of whether that sort of thing is legal," one Reddit user wrote in the comment section.

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Another user agreed, writing, "Exactly. No reason to stay employed for someone that pulls shady s--- like this. It's like having a girlfriend who sends her friends to hit on you and see if you're 'loyal.' Cut toxic individuals and companies out of your life whenever possible."

"Do you WANT to work somewhere that admits to doing this?" a third person asked. "That's f------ weird and sounds toxic to the core. I'd def start looking for something else."

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A fourth Redditor replied, "It's not illegal, but it is a red flag suggesting you ought to start finding another job. Why would anyone want to work for a company that thought that sounded like a good idea? The thought process that leads to such an idea is indication enough that it’s time to start exploring alternatives."

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"If this is true, then what's next? They will plant a hidden camera in the restroom cubicle to see why you are spending too much time in the restroom,” someone else added. "This is bordering on invasion of privacy. ... the company has no business looking into whether you are looking for something better."

What do you think? Have you experienced something similar? Let us know!

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