This Dude Was Fat-Shamed by a Stranger In Line, So He Bought All the Chicken

When life hands you fat-shaming strangers, buy all the chicken in the restaurant so they can't have any. I think that's how the saying goes.

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jun. 13 2019, Updated 1:43 p.m. ET

Let's just get this out of the way real quick: Fat-shaming is never OK. For some reason, at some point, society deemed fatness bad. And all of a sudden, people who were fat were deemed morally inferior for no good reason. There is not one single thing that makes a skinny person more worthy of respect than a fat person. 

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OK, now that we're all on the same page, here's the story of a badass person who got back at a fat-shaming stranger in the best way possible.

Frederico Hill, a seemingly super chill dude who lives in Australia but was recently traveling in Indonesia, sprung into action in the most non-confrontational, hilariously slick way when he realized the person behind him in line at a restaurant was fat-shaming him. 

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He shared his story on Facebook, where it went completely viral because it's amazing. With one tiny, ingenious action, Frederico proved that he would not be taken down by fat-shamers. In fact, he would continue to be his cheery self and just make sure they are mightily inconvenienced for their rude behavior.

"I just bought this chicken out of spite because a mother behind me muttering to her whining children that 'he can only eat 1 pc, no more than that you'll end up fat like uncle (me) in front," Frederico wrote on Facebook, alongside a picture of (dare I say it, delicious-looking) fried chicken. Um, that woman was super rude! I'm angry for Frederico in this situation. 

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But Frederico was able to keep a cool head. "I asked the clerk if all the chicken on display is all they had left, they said yes and the other batch is still cooking," Frederico continued. Pretty sure this is when a lightbulb went off in his head because Frederico knew exactly what his next move should be. 

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"I said to the clerk to buy all of it, paid, and walk away slowly," he wrote, "when the mother come up to the register, the clerk explained that they're out of chicken and she needs to wait for 30 minutes."

Revenge accomplished! And oh boy, it seems so sweet.

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This mean stranger just stood there in line, arms full of whining kids, fuming. "She then looked at me frowning," Frederico continued. "I just flipped her the bird and turned and went home." Oh snap, Frederico! This is priceless. 

Also, by "flipped her the bird," I hope he means he stuck a fried chicken drumstick on his middle finger and waved it in the air at her. 

"Now I'm Rp 240k poorer and have 15 pcs of chicken cause of spite but seeing the look of her face and her kid is priceless," he concluded. [240,000 Indonesian rupiah equals $16.78 US according to today's exchange rate, which seems like a fair price for swift vengeance. -ed]

Honestly, spite chicken tastes better than regular chicken. I'm sure of it. I hope he has a spite chicken party where Frederico and his friends dance around shamelessly eating all the chicken. 

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Frederico was obviously hailed as a hero because he should be. His original Facebook post garnered over 6,500 reactions, 3,000 shares, and over 1,000 comments like, "Good for him! I would have done the same," "Oh you did the right thing. Welcome to Flavortown," and, "Sweet revenge at its finest! Way to go bro!"

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I'm just glad Frederico knew that this woman was in the wrong and didn't take her ugly words to heart. But let's be honest. I'm also really glad he bought all that chicken to ruin her lunch plans and spite her. That is also very good. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And hungry. I could really go for some fried chicken...

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