'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 7 Features a New Kind of Threat During the Zombie Apocalypse

There are new villains in Season 7 of 'Fear the Walking Dead' and the threat they pose to the remaining survivors might be worse than anything they've seen.

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Oct. 15 2021, Published 10:00 a.m. ET

'Fear the Walking Dead'
Source: AMC

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead.

Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead ended with the nuclear blast that the survivors feared would come. And although some made it through the ashes, the world is forever changed.

For the Fear the Walking Dead panel at 2021 PaleyFest NY, some of the cast and crew teased what to expect from Season 7. Many storylines will correlate directly to what happened at the end of Season 6.

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'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 7 features a new threat.

Fear the Walking Dead showrunner Andrew Chambliss teased that the detonated nuclear bombs in Season 6 allowed the writers to "redefine" the show by setting the characters back. Though they once knew how to survive in the apocalypse amid walkers, this is another new world they have to get used to.

And according to producer and chief content officer of The Walking Dead franchise, Scott M. Gimple, the new season comes with new threats.

'Fear the Walking Dead'
Source: AMC
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"There are scary people and there are scary walkers. And both of them [are] changed by what has happened. Both of them [are]... made into even more dangerous obstacles," he said. "The walker apocalypse shows who you really are. But then, if there's another apocalypse, [it's like], OK maybe we'll really see who you really are. And things have gotten a little more twisted because things have gotten worse for people and the walkers themselves."

He added that "we're gonna see some people who are truly screwed up by what has happened."

Scott even said that the way some people act during this new end-of-world scenario would put Negan of The Walking Dead to shame. He called it "very, very frightening," and it sounds like a brand new world awaits those left standing in the smoke of the nuclear bombs.

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There's a "new apocalypse" brewing.

The nuclear bombs detonating in different locations means that those who survive now have to deal with a redefined end of days. Referring to each Season 7 episode, Scott M. Gimple explained, "It wasn't just, OK, here's the new apocalypse. It was, here [are] 15 versions of the new apocalypse."

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