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Source: NBC

These Hilarious Memes Are for People Who Truly Believe in a Festivus for the Rest of Us


If you've watched Seinfeld, then you've probably made a Festivus joke or two in your day. Heck, you may have even shared some memes about the made-up holiday that were based off of a very, very real aggravation people have with the Yuletide season: and all of the expectations that surround it.

The fake camaraderie. The manufactured cheer. Pretending like you care about your friends and family and coworkers for a limited time only.

Festivus memes are perfect for those who hate the holidays.

That's not to say that some of us don't actually care. Many of us do or at least put some effort into demonstrating our consideration for our fellow human beings. But it's the commercialization of these feelings corporations use to guilt and influence us into buying anything and everything for our loved ones.

Like, what about those Lexus commercials where someone slaps a huge red ribbon on a car?