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25 Funny Christmas Memes to Keep the Whole Table Laughing



There are some things that you just can't do Christmas without: friends, family, presents, food, and — because it is 2019 — humor in the form of memes!

Everything and everyone under the sun from Greta Thunberg to Nick Cannon to even days of the week have now been memed, so it stands to reason that the holiday season is no exception.

Hilariously funny Xmas memes you'll want to share with friends.

So without further ado, here are 25 funny Xmas memes that you'll want to share on your feed, in DMs, or just pass around on your phone at the dinner table.

1. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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No, but really, does Michael Bublé sing anything other than Christmas songs? Asking for a friend, errr, ourselves.

2. Tag yourself.

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We're the existential crisis dog.

3. There are two kinds of people in the world.

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Not only when the decorations appear, but all the way through the 25th.

4. How wholesome is this.

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All Santas in malls should allow furry friends, just look how happy this pupper is.

5. Who took this photo of us?

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And of you, for that matter?

6. The novelty fades away pretty quickly.

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Keep the wine flowing!

7. Khaled on a Salad

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You can thank us later...

8. The first time it's funny, the second time, it's hilarious.

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Snoop on a soup.

9. There's always a handwritten note...

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Or some arts and crafts!

10. Is it even Christmas without one Mariah meme?

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No, no it is not.

11. Hot tip!

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We hadn't considered this genius advice, but will use it for the days between now and Dec. 25 — and every year thereafter.

12. When you don't have the budget for a Christmas gift...

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Remind the fam that your time and presence is the most valuable gift of them all.

13. Relatable content alert.

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To be fair, this is us whenever we check our bank balances...

14. Inspirational, as always.

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No one can hear your family fighting about politics in your selfie.

15. Forgets to come on Halloween, comes on 4/20 instead.

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The ghost of ganja future and ganja past.

16. Welcome to Adulthood.

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We thought it would be fun, but it is really not that fun, kids.

17. An all-time favorite.

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We're proud we managed to sneak two Snoop Dogg memes into here.

18. The realest Latinos already know.

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This meme has been circulating for years, as you can tell from the photo quality, but it never gets old.

19. This face.

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Huge woops!

20. One of these things is not like the other...

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It took us a while to spot it, so don't feel bad.

21. Impeccable handwriting, though.

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This is what we mean when we say arts and crafts make the best presents.

22. Sorry, not sorry.

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Note how the Christmas Birkin matches the boots.

23. OH dear...

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More of the best mugshots of 2018 can be found here.

24. Father Christmas? More like Christmas Zaddy...

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I mean are we right or are we right?

25. Here's why Christmas wrapping is better when it's handmade.

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You'll know where all the words end up and won't be stuck in an awkward gift moment like this one.

Merry Christmas!

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