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Fetty Wap's Wife Is Finally Over His Shenanigans Enough to File for Divorce



Fetty Wap has been estranged from his wife, Leandra Gonzalez, who he married in September 2019, since just a few months after their low-key nuptials. But now that she has officially filed for divorce, it has left some of his millions of fans wondering who Fetty Wap’s wife is and what happened to make their marriage dead on arrival.

It seemed like as soon as they got married, they were already on the outs, in a way, and it didn't take long for Fetty Wap and Leandra to willingly take several steps back from their marriage. Now, Leandra is ready to move on from him altogether with divorce and make her split from Fetty Wap official.

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Who is Fetty Wap's wife?

Leandra Gonzalez, who also goes by the name Leandra Shabazz, is a model and business owner. While it's unclear how she and Fetty Wap met, according to a gossip Instagram account that posted screenshots of their interactions on social media, Fetty Wap pursued Leandra for a while before she finally gave in.

He wrote on Instagram that he had to chase her to finally get her to give him the time of day romantically and that he was lucky to have her by his side. At the time, she responded with, "Forever baby." Obviously when it comes to Fetty Wap, who seems to have a wandering eye like no other, "forever" is much shorter than with anyone else.

Leandra runs her own business.

It's safe to say that, despite Leandra and Fetty Wap officially splitting up for good, she will be just fine on her own. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have potential alimony checks from a rapper who's worth $8 million. Leandra runs her own business, though. Based out of New Jersey, Leandra owns and runs Adorn Irozi, a company that sells roses that are supposed to last as long as a year before they die.

It’s not clear exactly why Leandra and Fetty Wap’s marriage was on the rocks soon after it began, but it didn't take long for Leandra to become his estranged wife with little part in his personal affairs. Now, she has reportedly officially filed for divorce, though there aren't any details yet on what the catalyst was that led to the alleged filing. Either way, she obviously has no problem being independent.

He has had a lot of recent drama with baby mamas.

Part of what led to Leandra reportedly filing for divorce from Fetty Wap might have been the baby mama drama in his life. In November 2019, Masika Kalysha, the mother of one of his children, called him out on Instagram for bringing their daughter around Leandra without her prior knowledge. Masika wrote that Fetty Wap had called Leandra a mistake and that she would "hop on the red eye" to get to Leandra and Fetty Wap to confront them both.

Fetty Wap has seven children with six different women.

Drama with one of Fetty Wap’s exes with whom he fathered a child was bound to come up for Leandra at some point. He got around plenty before he settled down with Leandra in their marriage, however rocky it was from the start. And he has seven children with six different women, including Masika and a childhood friend.

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It was only a matter of time before Leandra was caught in the crossfire of Fetty Wap’s drama, so it might be best for all parties involved that she gets out now before things really get intense. As it stands, she seemed to have been estranged from him not long after they got married. And filing for divorce just means their split will be official so they can both move on.

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