Lauren Spencer Smith Grooves Through the Good and Bad of Relationships in "Fingers Crossed"

What is the meaning of Lauren Spencer Smith's song, "Fingers Crossed"? Let's unpack the Canadian singer's hit track and the meaning behind it.

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Dec. 6 2022, Published 12:28 p.m. ET

Lauren Spencer Smith
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If you're a fan of American Idol, then you might remember Lauren Spencer Smith's stint on the hit singing show back in 2020. The then-16-year-old wowed judges and fans alike, and has gone on to leverage that fame into a seriously impressive breakout musical career.

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Nowadays, Lauren has some bonafide hit songs and is taking her talents to one of entertainment's biggest stages: the People's Choice Awards. Indeed, Lauren is performing her breakout hit track "Fingers Crossed," but what exactly does the song mean? Keep reading to find out what message Lauren is attempting to convey through the fan-favorite song.

Lauren Spencer Smith
Source: Getty Images
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What is the meaning of Lauren Spencer Smith's "Fingers Crossed"? The song tackles some tough topics.

Most know the age-old trope that crossing one's fingers means that you don't have to go through on your word, and Lauren explores that topic in-depth on "Fingers Crossed." In this track, the singer recalls an ex-lover and the times that they spent together. Fans see the entire relationship laid out before them on "Fingers Crossed," It delves into everything from young love and ambitions to travel the world together to Lauren facing her partner's problems head-on.

Budding love is alive and well at the beginning of "Fingers Crossed." Lauren sings about how her partner "Introduced me to your family / Watched my favorite shows on your TV / Made me breakfast in the mornin' / When you got home from work."

The romance continues with "Makin' plans to travel 'round the world / Said we'd always put each other first / Old love songs we used to play to." However, the track takes a drastic turn on the next line when Lauren sings "Funny, now I hate you."

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In the chorus, Lauren briefly jumps back to the things she did to help her partner. "Now, I / Remember when you'd call me late at night / I gave you my hours and advice just tryna fix you," she sings before a stark realization of, "But now, I don't even miss you anymore."

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At the end of the chorus, the song's title is addressed. Lauren sings, "I want all the tears back that I cried / All the hours spent givin' advice on how to write your songs / All you did was prove me wrong / When you said you loved me / Well, you must've had your fingers crossed."

It's clear at this point in the track that Lauren has made the mental divide between what once was and what is now. Through this, she's seeing all of her ex-partner's deep flaws.

It seems as though even her friends knew the relationship wasn't built to last. Lauren goes on to sing, "Shoulda paid attention to my friends / Tellin' me how bad it's gonna end." Hindsight is 20/20, right? Well, the singer is clearly drawing a line in the sand now, making a statement to her ex through lines such as: "I could say I'm sorry, but I'm not / You don't deserve the one thing that you lost."

After harmonizing the song's title a few times, Lauren hits back with one more jab at her ex toward the end of the song. "I want all the tears back that I cried / All the hours spent giving advice on how to write your songs / All you did was prove me wrong," she sings. To close out the powerful anthem, Lauren reprises its message once more: "Wish you said you loved me / When you didn't have your fingers crossed."

"Fingers Crossed" is available on all major music streaming platforms now.

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