Flight Attendant Accused of Recording a Passenger Using the Bathroom

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Sep. 27 2023, Published 10:36 p.m. ET

 An American Airlines jet flies over Nickerson Beach Park on September 04, 2023
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A disturbing story is making waves online, and it involves a flight attendant who allegedly tried to take photos of a young girl using the aircraft’s bathroom.

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News outlets have shared the story and TikTok picked up on the incident. Needless to say, TikTokers aren't holding back with their thoughts on the matter. Here's what happened on the flight and how TikTokers are responding.

An American Airlines flight attendant recorded a teenage passenger in the bathroom.

American Airlines planes sit at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, on Jan. 18, 2022
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According to CBS News, the family, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said the incident occurred during an American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Boston. The family alleges that their 14-year-old daughter attempted to use the restroom during the flight but was redirected to a first-class bathroom by a flight attendant.

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In a lawsuit filed by the family, the teenager recounts the scary ordeal which she says seemed odd from the beginning. The girl says that before she entered the bathroom in first class, the flight attendant insisted he go in first. According to the lawsuit, the flight attendant returned from the bathroom and warned the teenager that the toilet seat was broken. The teenager then used the bathroom as normal but noticed an object attached to the lid as she turned to flush the toilet.

An iPhone was attached to the toilet lid by two “remove from service” stickers. The teenager took a photo of the makeshift spying device and then rushed back to her parents. The family confronted the flight attendant, who alerted the Massachusetts State Police. The girl later confirmed to police that the flight attendant’s phone was the one she saw in the bathroom and the investigation was turned over to the FBI. Now, social media is in an uproar, as the case has gone viral on TikTok.

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TikTokers are in a tizzy over the flight attendant incident.

The FBI is currently investigating the incident involving an American Airlines flight attendant, and his alleged attempt to record a female passenger who was using the bathroom. American Airlines has agreed to fully cooperate with the efforts of investigators, but the company has not yet revealed the status of the flight attendant’s employment. “We take this matter very seriously. As safety and security are our highest priorities,” the airline said in a statement to Daily Mail.

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However, that hasn't stopped social media from dragging the airline, the flight attendant, and the entire crew on the flight from Charlotte to Boston. Some pointed to the lack of transparency, suggesting that the airline should fire the employee amid the accusations.

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Others were quick to point out that the exchange between the flight attendant and the teenage girl was questionable from the beginning. He definitely took advantage of her.

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Meanwhile, others suggested that the father of the girl should be commended for not lashing out at the American Airlines flight attendant. Most parents would have a hard time containing their anger in such a situation.

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A California man was previously arrested for a similar crime.

Unfortunately, the alleged incident on the American Airlines flight is eerily similar to other creepy encounters. In December 2022, a California man was arrested after his female roommate discovered a recording device in the bathroom, The Sacramento Bee reported. According to police, the camera was disguised inside a USB charger, which was placed near the shower.

The man was arrested a few days later and was charged with invasion of privacy and invasion of privacy using a hidden recording device. In a post made to Facebook, the Sonoma Sheriff’s office revealed that all of the women living inside the shared home had since moved out of the house.

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