The Flower Language TikTok Trend Has the Potential to Make the Internet a Better Place

Need a personalized, digital cheer up? How about a bouquet that could only be made with your name?

Brandon Charles - Author

Apr. 11 2024, Published 5:25 p.m. ET

Flowers in London in 2024
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It’s important to give people their flowers. In addition to making someone else feel good, it makes you feel good too. There are multiple studies showing that giving the gift of flowers has a positive effect on each person’s mood. The flower language trend on TikTok may be one of the best ways to give those flowers. It's affordable, relatively easy, and not a detriment to the environment.

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If you didn't know, cutting flowers in general isn’t great for the environment. Around every Valentine’s Day, there’s a story about why the floral industry isn’t so flowery. The Washington Post ran a piece titled, “Why giving roses on Valentine’s Day — or any day — is really a bad idea.”

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The main takeaway is, “Fresh flowers are a $34 billion global industry with a massive carbon footprint. Compared with other perishables we transport around the world, flowers are perhaps the most damaging to the climate.”

The carbon footprint of digital flowers isn’t bad! If you're willing to watch and re-watch, it's relatively easy to participate in the trend

In a refreshingly positive trend on TikTok, people are learning how to make bouquets of flowers based on their name! The flower language TikTok trend is simply copying and pasting flowers, each assigned to a letter, to make something pretty. There’s a bunch (get it?) of explainer videos that you may want to watch a few dozen times to understand exactly how to make your very own bouquet. The worst part about this trend is the learning curve.

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Fortunately for non-iPhone users, there are other non-iPhone tutorials. Remember how we said you may want to watch it a few times? Most every question in both TikTok clips is answered if you watch, pause, and re-watch each video. It’ll take a while to get a hang of how to build your bouquet but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and better for the environment than purchasing a dozen flowers.

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In a social media landscape dominated by celebrity take-downs, dance fails, and general complaints, the flower language trend is a breath of fresh air, no pun intended. If this continues, we wouldn't be shocked if there's a wingdings-esque type of flower language that comes with the next set of updates for iPhones and Androids.

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You can give flowers on more days than Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

You don't actually need a reason to give someone a bouquet of flowers. Obviously Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are when companies like FTD make most of their dough, but a nice gesture is appreciated year-round. If you do need a random holiday to give someone flowers, consider March 21, which happens to be National Flower Day. If you're in the southern hemisphere, consider six months later on September 21, which happens to be the first day of spring down there.

If you don't want to wait for a specific date but need a reason besides love or mom to get some flowers, just pop on Bridgerton and purchase some tulips. They mean a few different things on the very successful Netflix show.

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