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Source: Twitch

'Fortnite' Has Been Replaced With a Black Hole — Here's What It Means


Fortnite warned its players that "The End" was coming, and boy, did it come. In the event to end Season 10, players logged on to watch the beloved map that they've played for the last two years get sucked up in a black hole. When the event happened, everyone thought it was just the prelude to the introduction of a brand new map, but even after the event, Fortnite has been inaccessible to all of its players. 

In place of the game, there is nothing but a live stream of a black hole. You can't log in or start a new game, even if you wanted to play on the old map. This black hole has been streaming since "The End" event on Oct. 13, occasionally spouting mysterious numbers on the screen. But no matter what you do, you can't access the game.