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Source: Twitter/Epic Games

'Fortnite' Item Shop Voting Is Finally Here


Fortnite players have a brand-new feature to get excited for with a Sept. 11 update that brings Item Shop Voting into the fold. A new feature fans have been waiting to get their hands on for some time, it gives fans the power to vote for which item from Fortnite's past ends up being added to the Item Shop on a regular basis in a new slot: the Community Choice slot. Essentially, this means the items will eventually come back into the game after their departure. 

How does Fortnite Item Shop Voting work?

It basically puts the choice back in players' hands. During each new Community Choice event, players can vote once a day in favor of the item they most want to see come back to the game. 

It's locked when you confirm your choice, but you can still vote for other items on any other days during the event, according to Epic Games' official announcement. That means you can log in each day to get a new vote and do it all over again.