What's Going on With Frank in 'How to Get Away With Murder'?

What's going on with Frank, one of the main characters of 'How to Get Away With Murder'? Is he dead? Things aren't looking good... Details inside.


Apr. 20 2020, Updated 2:10 p.m. ET

is frank dead how to get away with murder
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Wow. How to Get Away With Murder remains absolutely dedicated to delivering the craziest twists and leaving you always wanting more. Season 6, the series' final, we've been promised, is pulling no punches and Episode 4's cliffhanger has many fans wondering: Is Frank dead on How to Get Away With Murder?

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To recap, Frank had been heading the investigation into Laurel (Karla Souza's character) — and discovered on the one hand, that she's still alive, and on the other, that it was actually she who cleaned out her own safety deposit box.

is frank dead how to get away with murder
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So, is Frank dead on How to Get Away With Murder?

With Oliver's help, Frank tracks Laurel down through the cab driver who drove her away from the bank, and Frank bribes the cabby to tell him where he dropped Laurel off.

Frank arrives at the warehouse where the driver insists he took Laurel. He finds a crib and proof that Laurel and her baby Christopher had been there. Frank assumes Laurel will return soon, only to find her brother Xavier (Gerardo Celasco) walk into the room with large and intimidating friends.

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The next time we see Frank is at the end of the episode when Bonnie, who's mid argument with Nate, hears a knock on her front door and opens it to find Frank's bloody body slouched over her doorstep. He appears unconscious and Bonnie stands in shock as she hears a car drive off.

Source: ABC/Jessica Brooks
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Fans were left absolutely stunned. "If they kill Frank off How to Get Away With Murder, the whole show is canceled," one person wrote on Twitter. Another echoed the sentiment and wondered, "Can How to Get Away With Murder give characters a happy ending? Why will they kill Frank?"

Several others weren't nearly as moved by Frank's demise. One person asked, "Are people really crying over Frank the baby killer?" To this, another viewer responded, "Eh, the show is called How to Get Away With Murder. They are all terrible people and we love Frank."

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Some are speculating that it was Laurel's brother and his friends who beat Frank up as a message — at least, that's what's heavily implied in the episode. Viewers already know that Xavier was responsible for orchestrating Nate's father's death and is working against Annalise.

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He may just be acting as a protective brother to Laurel but whatever his intentions, he certainly seems to have several plausible motives for the crime.

While there are no concrete theories on what Frank's fate will be, we are rather confident that he will survive.

The promo for Episode 5 shows that Frank makes it at least as far as the hospital. But whether he will make it out of there, or remains alive through the rest of the season is still a mystery.

But if he doesn't make it through, that doesn't bode too well for Annalise and the rest of her team. Given Episode 5's ominous title, "We're All Gonna Die," fans wonder if a similar fate awaits other members of their team.

Whatever happens to Frank, fans certainly haven't had enough of him. Find out what happens to Frank when How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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