The 'Fresh and Fit' Podcast Faces Controversy Over a Rumored Pregnancy

"That's unfortunately the risk you take when you make the kind of content that we do." The 'Fresh and Fit' podcast is used to controversy.


Apr. 15 2024, Published 10:22 a.m. ET

Fresh and Fit posing together with their arms crossed.
Source: YouTube/FreshandFit

The question "Are men OK?" has become a meme online in recent years, in part because it seems like many men aren't. "Fresh and Fit," a male self-improvement podcast, and others like it, have emerged in part to meet the needs of these men who feel like they no longer understand what their place in society should be.

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The podcast, which was already controversial because of its often explicit endorsement of misogynistic viewpoints, is now facing even greater controversy thanks to allegations about one of its hosts. Here's what we know about those allegations, and whether there will likely be any fallout.

Fresh and Fit podcasting together on opposite sides of a table.
Source: YouTube/FreshandFit
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What are the allegations against 'Fresh and Fit'?

The allegations around the podcast suggest that Walter Weekes, who goes by Fresh on the podcast, got his girlfriend Daisy Chen pregnant and then insisted that she get an abortion. Leaked audio suggests that Walter said he didn't want to be a father during a call with Daisy. She suggested that her religion prevented her from getting an abortion and that she would be having the baby whether he was involved or not.

Myron Gaines, aka "Fit," threw what could kindly be described as a hissy fit on the podcast, screaming about how the allegations were false and saying that he wasn't going anywhere and would continue to stand by the guys that stood by him. While he didn't state this directly, he also suggested that Daisy was lying and that the baby wasn't Fresh's kid. Ultimately, the question of paternity remains up in the air.

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Some have suggested that the podcasters are hypocrites because of Daisy Chen's allegations.

Since part of the podcast's ostensible purpose is to help men better themselves and own up to their own responsibilities, many understandably thought Fresh's decision to suggest that a woman he was seeing should get an abortion was a bit hypocritical. Instead of becoming a great father in his own right, Fresh shirked responsibility, which seems at least on its face to be out of line with his whole belief system.

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The "Fresh and Fit" podcast has already been demonetized.

As we already mentioned, this is not the first time that the "Fresh and Fit" podcast has run into controversy. In 2023, the duo revealed that they had been kicked out of the YouTube Partner Program, explaining that YouTube would no longer be giving them money for the videos they posted on the platform.

At the time, they said that they weren't sure why YouTube had made the decision to remove them from the platform, but added that it likely had something to do with the way they continually court controversy.

"That's unfortunately the risk you take when you make the kind of content that we do," Fit said at the time.

Of course, that hasn't stopped them from doubling down on the male-centric programming that has become their brand. It may not be popular with YouTube, but there are plenty of people out there who do like it.

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