This Woman's BFF Left Her Stranded at a Restaurant Because She Refused to Split the Dinner Bill

In a social post, a woman shared that she refuses to split the dinner bill with her friend and she's asking folks for their opinion.

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Jul. 31 2023, Published 5:42 p.m. ET

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The topic of splitting the bill for birthday dinners has been rolling full steam ahead on social media. Some folks are convinced that everyone should split the check — aside from the birthday person, of course — to celebrate the milestone. On the other hand, other people believe that folks should pay for their individual dishes.

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As expected, the topic of splitting the bill has spread to dating dynamics and platonic friendships. So, when a woman on Reddit shared that she refused to split the bill with her friend, folks were ready to say their piece on the matter. Here’s the full scoop.

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A Reddit user shared that she refused to split with her friend for their dinner check.

It could all be so simple. In Reddit’s “Am I the A------" (AITA) forum, one user shared that she decided not to split the bill with her friend when they went out for dinner.

“We've ALWAYS split the check when we go out for dinner or brunch or anything like that,” the user shared in her post. “We've agreed to do that for a long time, plus it saves time and doesn't complicate things for us and the servers and it didn't matter how much one of us ordered. She was the one who suggested it and I was like 'OK, sure.'"

She continued: "I'm not a big eater so whenever we would go out, I would only order about 15–35 percent of the entire price for both. Vanessa, on the other hand, always has a huge appetite and would order 65–85 percent.”

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Interestingly, the user shared that her sister questioned her about always splitting the bill with her friend.

“A few weeks prior, my older sister Bianca told me how ridiculous it was that I was splitting the check by paying half of it when I would only order food that amounted to only a quarter of the check,” the user shared.

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Not to mention, the user said that her friend Vanessa got a promotion at work and she wanted to celebrate by going out to dinner, to which the user obliged. However, she told Vanessa that she wanted to only pay for her food as opposed to splitting the bill. And while Vanessa seemed to be OK with the decision, once the bill came, things changed.

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“When she saw that I was paying for my food, she was like, 'Wait, you were being serious before?'” the user recalled. “Yes, I was being serious, and she said, ‘Oh, I wouldn't have ordered so much if I knew you were being serious.' (The total bill was around $560 and I only ordered around $145 worth of food).”

Of course, the two ladies went back and forth. The user asked her friend why she didn’t think she was being serious, and Vanessa said she was so used to splitting the bill with her and had truly thought she was joking. The user explained to her that she’s tired of paying more than she should.

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“So she became a bit mad and said, 'And you just decided to be a b---- and pull this stunt on the day when I got promoted? Fine then, I will pay for my food' and she did and just exited right after without even waiting for me, which was not cool because she had picked me up at my place and drove us here so I had to call an Uber and pay $36 for the ride home.”

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Unfortunately, the user woke up to tons of messages from friends saying that she was “an a------ for demanding this on the day of her big promotion and for being a cheapskate.”

The user shared that she didn’t want to pay that much. She went on to share that she is gainfully employed and makes $90,000 yearly and her friend now earns six figures, and previously made a little more than her current salary.

Reddit users believe the OP was right to not split the bill with her friend.

As per usual, Reddit users have wasted no time sharing their opinions about the predicament. Of course, most people believe that the user wasn’t wrong for deciding not to split the bill.

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“NTA. She knows she’s been getting away with paying less for more this whole time, hence the comment about how she wouldn’t have ordered that much if she’d known. Maybe the timing was off on you only just mentioning it the same day as her promotion but I still say NTA because it seems like she wanted to be rewarded for her promotion with a big fancy dinner on your dime for whatever she wanted to order,” one person shared.

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“NTA. Your 'friend' was taking full advantage of you and is probably spinning lies about how you presented it to your mutual friends. Respond to each with what really happened and why. The greedy gal may not be as good a friend as you assumed,” another person shared.

Truth be told, it’s the user’s right to decide if they want to pay half or simply cover their costs while out at dinner. And while some friends are comfortable with splitting the bill, others prefer to pay for every cent they’re responsible for to prevent any issues.

What would you do?

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