Woman Worries That the Frontier Airlines Summer Pass Is a Scam

In a viral video, a woman worries whether or not she got wrapped up in a scam involving her Frontier Airlines summer pass. Here's what happened.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jul. 31 2023, Published 12:19 p.m. ET

Have you gotten your summer travel plans all squared away yet? With lighter COVID-related travel restrictions, folks are eager to begin seeing the world again as they start to book vacations to literally anywhere that isn't their hometown. For many, that includes scheduling flights to get to their vacation destination.

With flying already stressful enough on its own, you would hope that you could at least book a flight as easily as possible. However, even some supposedly easy solutions are now giving people pause.

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In late July 2023, TikTok creator Gabrielle (@gabrielle_judge) posted about the GoWild! Summer Pass from Frontier Airlines, a Denver-based low-cost airline. While their pass was originally touted as a cheaper flight booking alternative with "all-you-can-fly" perks, Gabrielle believes that her pass may be part of a big scam from the airline. Interestingly enough, she isn't alone in this sentiment. Here's what Gabrielle and the rest of the internet have to say about Frontier's summer pass.

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A woman expresses concern over a potential Frontier Airlines Summer Pass scam.

In May 2023, Frontier Airlines began advertising their special GoWild! Pass for the summer. They began offering a reduced price for the pass at $499 a person, and the pass itself reportedly allows for "unlimited travel" at discounted fares throughout the summer to "more than 75 U.S. destinations."

While that may sound tantalizing to any frequent flyer based in Denver, Colo., Gabrielle expressed her concern that the pass is part of one big scam. She admitted that she usually flies out of Denver via United Airlines, but was taken in by the potential that the Frontier Summer Pass offered.

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"In May, I paid for an entire trip to Orlando [using the pass]," Gabrielle revealed. "We basically scheduled the flight the day before and flights are super crazy right now when it comes to price, so we paid for it in one flight."

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Unfortunately, when she tried to use the pass again for another flight in July, the option to pay using the pass wasn't available to her. Upon testing other flight options and different dates in various combinations, none of them caused the Summer Pass option to appear for her.

Gabrielle was then led to believe that the airline as a whole scammed her out of the pass and her initial flight. She even discovered that the terms of agreement for the pass essentially state that "anything is subject to change."

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Gabrielle isn't the only person who believes she was scammed either. In a Reddit thread posted in mid-June 2023, other people began voicing their concerns that they've been scammed by the pass as well.

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In their post, OP revealed that while they were able to book their initial flight with no issues using the pass, they didn't get the option to use it on subsequent flights over the summer.

"The option is unavailable for me to choose on almost every flight I want to take," they wrote. "Sometimes, you might be able to book a one-way with your pass, but you still have to pay regular price for the other."

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Other Reddit users echoed the same sentiment.

One person commented, "It's impossible to book anything [with the pass]. Everything's always unavailable."

Others hope to file a class action lawsuit against Frontier Airlines over the controversy.

If you're still looking to travel this summer, you may have even more reason to avoid Frontier Airlines altogether.

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