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Here's How to Make Your Secret Santa at Work a Lot Better


Here's a study you probably didn't need to see to know that it's true: nearly 1 in 3 millennials want workplace Secret Santa banned. The study shows that millennials are worried about dipping into their savings for the holiday tradition but they're also worried about appearing stingy, which ultimately triggers their anxiety. If you're stressing out over your Secret Santa, here's some fun ways to make the experience suck a lot less. 

Fun ways to do stress-free Secret Santa gifts at work:

1. Always, always do a cap.

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Here's one important way to make the exchange more fun: include a cap. Because no one is having fun when one guy buys his Secret Santa a new iPhone and you know you only got your person a T-shirt. While you may not want to stifle the holiday spirit, remember that some of your employees may be able to afford a lavish gift and others can't.