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Source: Facebook

This Woman Had the Time of Her Life With Her New Label Maker


I don't care what you say. It's always funny to make up different, silly words for everyday things. And it's always fun to use a label maker. This story combines both of those in glorious fashion. When Joe Arroyo and his wife bought his sister a label maker for her wedding, chances are they didn't realize just how much fun she'd have with it. 

Remember when Tom in 'Parks and Rec' explained all his ridiculous terms for boring old words?

Source: NBC

Desserts were "'zerts." Chicken parm was "chickie chickie parm parm." Air conditioners were "cool blasterz." Forks? "Food rakes." Well, Tom Haverford can't hold a candle to Joe Arroyo's brilliant sister. She went ham with her new label maker all over her home in the funniest way possible.