Gabbie Hanna Is Popular on Social Media –– What Is Her Ethnicity?

Stephanie Harper - Author

Aug. 31 2022, Published 3:37 p.m. ET

With over 2.8 million followers on Instagram, it’s obvious that Gabbie Hanna knows her way in the world of social media. Before all of that, she gained tons of followers on Vine at its peak. She has also amassed over 5.27 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. One of the reasons people find Gabbie so intriguing is that on top of being a social media influencer, she’s also a musician.

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She released her debut single in 2017 called “Out Loud.” Recently, she's made headlines for shocking reasons unrelated to her budding music career. Fans are totally curious to know more about her, including what her ethnicity is. This is what Gabbie's fans should know about the ethnicities of her parents –– and whether or not they're involved in her recent notoriety.

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What is Gabbie Hanna’s ethnicity?

Gabbie was born in Pennsylvania back in 1991 to two parents named James and Michelle Hanna. According to Okay Bliss, her father is Lebanese and her mother is French and Polish. BuzzFeed News says that Gabbie was born as the third child of six children by her parents.

Gabbie has said her family struggled with financial issues as she was growing up, and that she almost faced homelessness a handful of times. Gabbie also dealt with bullying when she was a youngster as well.

In regard to her childhood experiences and trauma, she’s been fairly open about her mental health struggles.

She explained, “Part of being neurodivergent is being impulsive and not fully thinking through decisions. I think people have a hard time differentiating between making an excuse and trying to explain yourself."

She's also opened up about her religious views. James and Michelle raised her to be Catholic. As an adult, she doesn’t necessarily agree with all aspects of Catholicism.

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Gabbie Hanna recently spooked her fans in a serious way. Have her parents said anything?

In August of 2022, police officers arrived at Gabbie's doorstep for a welfare check. The reason why? She posted a series of uncomfortable videos on TikTok that led to some serious concern. In total, Gabbie uploaded around 100 incredibly odd clips within 24 hours. According to TMZ, the LAPD brought a psychological evaluation team to Gabbie's place but ultimately determined that she wasn’t going to harm herself or anyone else.

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The LAPD was urged to move in and ensure her safety based on multiple phone calls they received from worried members of her online fan base.

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After the ordeal, Gabbie posted a video with a text block that said, “Cuffed and detained by five officers who busted into my house through the back door because I exercised my free speech and religion. Then they sent two psych evaluation specialists who almost dragged me off to a hospital but luckily I’m smart, educated, kind, and brave.”

In a separate video, she added, “THANK YOU, OFFICERS, sincerely. And THANK YOU to everyone who called in concern.” The reason her many videos created so much fear in her viewers is that she was posting herself laughing, crying, screaming, and talking about a wide range of touchy subjects. Some of those subjects included death, religion, and mental intelligence.

Gabbie's parents haven’t publicly weighed in on the situation.

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