Gabbie Hanna Previously Faked a Relationship With Bo Burnham

In an old video on Gabbie Hanna's channel, she claims she once faked a relationship with Bo Burnham to the point that his Wikipedia page claimed they dated.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 30 2021, Published 7:08 p.m. ET

Controversial YouTuber Gabbie Hanna has been dealing with a lot of drama recently as she rehashes her previous online feuds in a series on her channel. Her ongoing spat with her former friend, Jessi Smiles, has yet to reach its conclusion, and she's even started new drama with the Escape the Night creators.

Amid all of this, internet users have been remembering some of her other unsavory moments — like when she claimed she dated popular comedian Bo Burnham. Did they ever actually date?

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Gabbie admitted she was a Bo Burnham "fangirl" in an old YouTube video.

In a YouTube video from 2014 (that's still up on her channel), Gabbie admitted to pretending to be Bo's girlfriend, despite having never met the comedian.

"I have known [of] Bo Burnham since I was 15 years old. He is my favorite comedian, my idol, my inspiration. He is the reason I have a Vine account," she said. "I was a bit of a fangirl — and by 'fangirl,' I mean stalker."

She said she "just wanted to meet him so badly" and would tweet at him and write on his Facebook wall as a teenager.

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"I was talking to my group of friends and I decided to pretend like I was in a relationship with Bo Burnham with them," she continued in the video. "I went to a little bit of an extreme. I created a fake Facebook account, named it Bo Burnham, photoshopped a picture of me with Bo Burnham, set it as his profile picture, added myself as a friend, then sent a relationship request from his Facebook to mine, accepted it, so that on my page it said: 'Gabrielle Hanna is in a relationship with Bo Burnham.' And I told everybody that it was real."

She said she would like and comment on her own posts from "Bo's" account to make it seem more realistic. This continued on for long enough that someone (Gabbie claimed she didn't know who) changed Bo Burnham's Wikipedia page to include their fake relationship.

"I was telling myself the whole time that it was just a joke and I was being funny, but low key I was living this really creepy fantasy," she admitted.

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Source: Twitter

"Finally my sophomore year of college, I bought tickets to his show. He does meet and greets after all of his shows, or at least he used to, and I was ready," she continued. "I gave him my phone number on a fortune cookie and awkwardly hit on him and asked him if he wanted to rap battle ... it was really uncomfortable. He never called. But I did get a picture with Bo Burnham that day, and I was able to reset the profile picture from the photoshopped one to the real one so it looked that much more believable that we were in a relationship."

Who is Bo Burnham actually dating?

While Bo has never publicly commented on Gabbie's former claims to be in a committed relationship with him, he's been happily involved with his current girlfriend, Lorene Scafaria, for eight years. Lorene is the producer and writer of the 2019 movie Hustlers, and Bo dedicated his recent Netflix special, Inside, to her. They haven't announced any plans to get married anytime soon, but the pair seem to be incredibly happy together.

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