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Meet the Megan Fox Doppelgangers Before Tonight's 'Game of Clones'



If you're the kind of person who isn't totally put off by designer babies, creepy clones or manipulating DNA, MTV might just have the dating show for you. Game of Clones is premiering on the network tonight at 9 p.m., but it sadly has nothing to do with Game of Thrones

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No, Game of Clones is the latest in a slew of bizarre dating shows, and it seeks to set former MTV stars with seven clones of their celebrity crush. "When they look beyond those pretty (identical) faces, each dater will discover which of these famous doppelgängers melts their heart and which just makes their skin crawl," per MTV's show description.

Source: MTV
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In other words, the show is trying to test whether there's more to attraction than looks alone. The MTV series seems to be a spinoff of the British Game of Clones, which came out in 2017. In that version, which was produced by Youngest Media, singles used state-of-the-art technology to fabricate an avatar of their perfect date.

Then, they'd move into a house where a "clone army of dreams" awaited them. But MTV has decided to put their own celebrity spin on this relationship experiment, and first up is Jersey Shore's Pauly D. The DJ's dream girl, who must have "substance" with a little "sexy," is none other than Megan Fox.

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Source: MTV

Meet Megan Fox's clones ahead of tonight's ep.

Pauly D's perfect woman is Megan Fox. Whose isn't? Thanks to Game of Clones, he'll get to go out with... well, not exactly Megan herself, but seven women whose resemblance is uncannily similar.

Alexia Bautista

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Alexia might be private on Instagram, but she's no stranger to television. According to the Megan Fox lookalike's LinkedIn page, she's worked for various production companies and even assisted on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Plus, her puppies Rio and Chu sound adorable. Let's see if Pauly finds his match in Alexia.

Source: MTV
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Holly Kovacich

Now that Holly's hair is blonde, she doesn't look as much like Megan as she did when she filmed the show last year. But when her hair was dark, she looked pretty convincing. The 25-year-old beauty seems to be traveling around America quite a bunch according to her recent pics. Follow her on Instagram, here

Julia Scaparotti

Julia has been teasing tonight's premiere on social media more than most of her co-clones, and judging from her commentary, she seems absolutely hilarious. "Cat's out of the bag," she captioned a recent post in which she's outfitted to look just like Wonder Woman. "I'm 27. Even though I was 26 when I filmed this. Who knew I could be this sassy????" Don't miss the chance to follow Julia on Instagram, here.

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Source: MTV

Christina Volk

Christina, 29, (@christinapandamarie on Instagram) is yet another single present to fill Megan's shoes to fulfill Pauly D's dreams. The athlete with abs of steel is currently residing in Vegas with her adorable son, and recently posted a screengrab of a conversation with DJ Pauly D himself. "Can't believe they're finally airing this show," Pauly DMed her. "Lol been years I feel."

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Olivia Victoria

Another Instagram influencer with no last name, Olivia aka "Olive" writes that she's addicted to FaceTime, mustard, and animal-style fries. Who could blame her? We wonder whether Pauly D shares those addictions, and whether they'll end up hitting it off tonight. Follow Olivia on Instagram, here.

Source: MTV
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Lauren Geoffrey

Lauren "You can call me Lolo" kind of looks like Megan, in that the two have dark hair and light eyes, but honestly the more we look at Megan's clones, the more we think none of them look like the real Fox — or perhaps everyone does; whatever. The self-described "outgoing, hard-working, family oriented girl" claims that she can beat anyone in bowling. In the event Pauly takes the clones to a bowling alley, our bets are on Lauren. Follow her on Instagram, here.

Shawn Sinclair

Shawn may be the beauty and the brains this competition needs. The lawyer (hello!) recently got her J.D. from Brooklyn Law School, but these days she's calling herself an "aspiring D-list celeb." We are here for the self-awareness. She's private on Instagram, but seems to be posting with frequency on her Facebook page, here.

Don't miss the premiere of MTV's Game of Clones tonight at 9 p.m. and see which of these Megan Fox doppelgangers ends up in the enviable position of dating Pauly D.

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