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Facebook "Forgets" Who Barry Sanders Is, Freaks Out at Garth Brooks for Wearing His Jersey



The 2020 election is upon us, which means there are throngs of people all over social media who are suddenly dusting off their imaginary political science degrees to share their expert opinions on how Trump is either a vile idiot or the best thing to happen to America, how Bernie Sanders is either a socialist pig or the devil incarnate, etcetera, etcetera.

People are getting so worked up in a political tizzy that Garth Brooks can't even wear a Barry Sanders jersey.

You know, Barry Sanders? The two time NFL Offensive Player of the year? The legendary Detroit Lions running back? A Pro Bowl invitee for all of his 10 seasons in the NFL? One of the most elusive runners in NFL history? That Barry Sanders, who is probably one of the greatest players to ever compete in what is arguably the most American sport in the world? A sport so American we took the rest of the world's word for the rest of the world's favorite competitive past time and made it our own?

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Yeah, apparently a bunch of people who are absolutely convinced that Bernie Sanders is just Vladimir Lenin in disguise were disgusted with the fact that Garth Brooks would wear a jersey rocking his name. Because Sanders's campaign makes grey and blue football jerseys with Bernie Sanders's name on it. Because Garth Brooks has always been a vocally political person, expressing his approval or disdain for a certain candidate.

It didn't take long for people to express just how betrayed they were that one of their favorite singers of all time was potentially advocating for someone other than their preferred politician of choice.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Which, obviously wasn't the case because he was wearing a Barry Sanders jersey and just paying homage to a player he loves and respects.

But let's entertain for a second if Garth Brooks, was, indeed, showing support for Bernie Sanders, and people were getting mad because Bernie's a socialist.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

One, he's not, he advocates for a democratic system and has stated he wants better social programs for taxpayers. You know, like the taxes you already pay that don't give you diddly squat, and divert spending that benefits an ever-growing industrial military complex toward healthcare and student loan forgiveness for citizens along with other social wellness programs.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Whether or not Bernie will "rally" against the corporations he claims to hate so much and make good on all of his campaign promises is another question entirely especially because he seems to live a pretty charmed life himself. I would say don't not vote for Bernie Sanders because "he's a Socialist" because he clearly isn't. Maybe don't vote for him because he looks like some crazy guy complaining at a diner because the short order cook made his eggs over easy instead of over medium.

Twitter seemed to have an absolute field day with the fact that these folks forgot who Barry Sanders is and began pointing out the tired arguments of "entertainers" speaking out against politicians. Never mind the fact that tons of conservative figureheads who've touted that line before were quick to praise The Rock for his usage of the world "Snowflakes."

I've got an idea! How about be consistent with your line of thinking and let people rock whatever clothes they want, and maybe take two seconds to make sure someone's wearing a sports Jersey dedicated to, you know, an athlete, rather than someone you think is a 500-year-old vampire Communist.

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