Enjoy These Gazpacho Police Memes in Honor of Marjorie Taylor Greene's Gaffe


Feb. 10 2022, Published 9:52 a.m. ET

Marjorie Taylor Greene
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Politicians mispeak all the time. To err is to be human, after all. When the politician who mispeaks makes a hilarious error, though, and she also happens to be the kind of politician who spends much of her time saying the 2020 election was stolen (even though that's when she was elected) and spreading vaccine misinformation, it's okay to poke some fun at her. It's in that spirit that Twitter has been flooded with gazpacho police memes recently thanks to comments from Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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Where did the gazpacho police memes come from?

The gazpacho police memes originated with comments that Taylor Greene made an appearance on Real American With Dan Ball. During her interview, she confused the terms Gestapo and gazpacho. Here's her full quote:

“Not only do we have the DC jail which is the DC gulag, but now we have Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police spying on members of Congress, spying on the legislative work that we do, spying on our staff and spying on American citizens.”

gazpacho police memes
Source: Getty Images
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The Gestapo was a secret police force that was active in Nazi Germany, while gazpacho is a cold Spanish soup made with tomatoes and peppers. The two words do sound similar, but the mistake was more than enough for Twitter to have some fun. If your timeline was flooded with gazpacho police memes, that's the reason.

Twitter had a field day with gazpacho police memes.

There were some truly excellent memes as a result of Taylor Greene's comments, including one which compared Nancy Pelosi's gazpacho police with the Soup Nazi, one of the most famous characters on Seinfeld.

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Others created a cinematic universe, adding the gazpacho police in with characters like the McDonald's Hamburgler to create a full narrative.

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Puns were an incredibly popular format for these memes, with users riffing on the wordplay that comes with a phrase like gazpacho police.

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Some users even took advantage of their Photoshop skills.

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Some celebrity chefs even got in on the action.

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The gazpacho police allowed for some online unity.

Although some users were undoubtedly confused by the ubiquity of posts referring to the gazpacho police, Taylor Greene's gaffe was the rare Twitter event that managed to unite tons of people across the platform. Journalists and left-wing activists could come together to joke about the mistake, even if some were more willing to go after Taylor Greene than others.

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Gazpacho police was also the rare trend that didn't really seem to cause much of a backlash. Taylor Greene certainly has some defenders in right-wing circles, but this kind of mistake can be difficult to push back against.

When you get past her flub, though, it's worth noting that the point Taylor Greene was making was offensive in its own right. Comparing the current Speaker of the House to Hitler is not exactly careful political rhetoric, and there's little evidence to suggest that Pelosi is actually spying on members of Congress in the way that Taylor Greene suggests.

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