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Source: mustafa gatollari

The 'Ghost Hunters' Season 1 Finale — Is Worley Hospital Haunted? (EXCLUSIVE)


Mustafa Gatollari is the paranormal historian and site analyst on the Ghost Hunters reboot, and he will be blogging about the show's paranormal investigations each week exclusively for Distractify! Follow Mustafa on Instagram at @mgatollari

All right I need to start things off by saying that all of the thoughts, opinions, testimonials, commentary, and all of that other stuff are purely my own and do not reflect the Ghost Hunters team, the folks over at Pilgrim Studios, or A&E.

Out of all the cases we've shot for the show, Worley Hospital in Pampa, TX is probably my favorite for tons of reasons. I feel like I cannot overstate how much I loved investigating this place and what we discovered here. It's that. Damn. Good.