Woman Are Thirsting Over the Ghostface Mask on TikTok β€” Here's Why

The Ghostface TikTok trend is inspired by the romance horror novel "Scream for Us" by Molly Doyle. Here's why women are so into Ghostface now.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Oct. 23 2023, Published 3:53 p.m. ET

tiktok ghostface
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The Gist:

  • The Ghostface mask seen in the Scream movies is having a moment on TikTok, but not because of the film franchise.
  • The romance horror novel Scream for Us by Molly Doyle has women lusting over a male character named Damien who wears a similar Ghostface mask.
  • Now, women are asking their boyfriends and husbands to wear the Ghostface mask, particularly in the bedroom.
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If you're a fan of the Scream movie franchise, you're likely familiar with the Ghostface mask. The iconic black and white rubber mask features a wide, gaping mouth, black eyes, and a slitted nose. This mask, inspired by Edvard Munch's famed painting "The Scream," has become the official emblem of the Scream franchise as it is worn by the killer in each film, making it a fan-favorite costume choice for horror movie buffs.

Recently, the Ghostface mask gained significant popularity on TikTok, particularly within the BookTok community. Users have started a trend where they text their partners to buy the mask. What's the big hype surrounding this mask? Keep scrolling to find out.

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ghost face costume in times square
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What is the Ghostface trend on TikTok?

In late 2021, there was a social media trend going on where fans of the Scream movies changed their profile pictures to the Ghostface mask in order to promote buzz for the new Scream movie that premiered in January 2022. This should not be confused with the latest Ghostface trend circulating on TikTok which began in October 2023.

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The Ghostface TikTok trend appears to have been inspired by the romance horror novel Scream for Us by Molly Doyle. In this novel, there are allegedly some steamy sex scenes that take place with the protagonist Quinn and a man named Damien who wears a Ghostface mask. Many women are turned on by Damien's face accessory and are now asking their significant others to buy the mask and role-play as Damien in the bedroom.

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That said, women are sharing their text message convos with their significant others about buying the Ghostface mask on TikTok. In the background of these videos, users are playing the "Scream audio edit" clip which features dialogue from Drew Barrymore's phone conversation with the killer from the original Scream film.

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There are also TikTok videos in which women have their men wear the Ghostface mask and they reenact the classic romance novel trope where the male love interest leans against the doorframe before they kiss the female protagonist.

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Basically, looking like the killer from Scream is apparently the hottest thing a man can do right now. Stay safe!

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