Girl Makes a GRWM Video During Biology Class and Gets Away With It

Jamie Lerner - Author

Dec. 12 2023, Published 10:37 a.m. ET

Even TikTok trends can get old, which is why influencers are constantly looking for new ways to update them and challenge them. The “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) trend has been popular on the Gen Z platform since the very beginning and it seems like it’s here to stay. However, with everyone doing their own GRWM videos, TikTokers need a new way to make them stand out.

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That’s why TikToker Riley (@mragrwm) has elevated the trend by doing it while she’s at school. We all remember the days of waking up too late to get ready in time for school, so Riley is taking her GRWM to the next level. We all snuck a little eyeliner on during class, but Riley goes so far that she nearly gets caught by her biology teacher during class. Does the teacher know what she's doing?

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When a girl does a GRWM in biology class, she doesn't even get in trouble.

Riley makes a GRWM video while in biology class, and we can even hear her teacher talking in the background. As she puts on foundation, contour, blush, mascara, and lip gloss, the teacher chimes in at various points to make sure that Riley and her friend are “getting it.” At one point, Riley gives him an emphatic “Yes, sir!” so that she doesn’t get in trouble.

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However, as they do the GRWM, both Riley and her friend are laughing through it, trying to get away with putting on makeup and making a TikTok video while in class. They successfully get away with it even though the teacher asks if they’re on their phone during class. As they barely get in trouble, everyone can’t help but wonder how their teacher is so chill!

Everyone on TikTok is wondering how Riley had her phone in class and didn’t get in trouble.

I remember getting in trouble in high school for daring to talk or text during class, let alone make an entire TikTok video while putting on makeup. It’s truly absurd that Riley gets away with making her GRWM video, and it could create a “challenge” for other TikTokers to try to copy.

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Everyone on TikTok loves a challenge, but this one might not be the greatest idea. While some people might be eager to try to make a GRWM during class, it’s disrespectful to the teacher and the other students. Teachers work insanely hard for very little money because they were once passionate about giving knowledge to future generations.

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While Riley describes her teacher as “chill” in the comments section, it’s entirely possible that he just doesn’t have the patience to deal with disciplining teens who don’t want to learn. And in today’s society, we can’t blame Riley either.

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It has become clear to Gen Z that money and success come from social media fame, whereas traditional jobs like teaching and working in an office can only go so far with the economy in its current state.

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Historically, teachers make very little money, whereas influencers with very little school smarts have million-dollar net worths. So is it worth it for Riley to pay attention in school? Or should her teacher start joining in on her TikToks instead?

The comments section is more impressed by Riley than anything. They ask how she got away with it and how she’s allowed to have a phone in school. Smartly, many educational institutions ban phones in the classroom because of how distracting they can be to students. But in Riley’s case, she pretty much has free rein to do whatever she wants in class, which of course doesn't seem to include learning.

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