This Video of a Girl Who Blew Up a Jeep in an Act of Revenge Went Viral

While getting revenge on those who have wronged you may seem like a good idea, it didn't go so well for a girl who blew up a Jeep.

Sara Belcher - Author

Jul. 24 2020, Updated 4:50 p.m. ET

girl who blew up jeep
Source: YouTube

Getting revenge on a cheating ex or someone who's wronged you may seem like a good idea, but more than often it tends to blow up in your face. That's what (quite literally) happened to a woman in a new viral video. In an act that's assumed to be out of revenge, a girl who blew up a Jeep has gone viral. 

The incident, as can be expected, did not go so well for her.

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A video of a girl blowing up a jeep went viral.

Recently, a video of a girl lighting a Jeep on fire has been making rounds on social media. The video, which was previously posted on Instagram and Twitter, is currently only available on YouTube, depicts the incident.

girl who blew up keep
Source: YouTube
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In the video, a woman wearing a black hoodie, grey sweatpants, and a face mask can be seen pouring something out of a red gas canister inside a Jeep parked in a parking lot. It's presumed that the liquid she is pouring into the seat is gasoline, as after putting the canister down, she proceeds to use a barbeque lighter to set fire to the car's interior, reaching into the car to ignite the flame.

As the car catches with a loud boom, the woman can be seen being blown back into the car parked next to the Jeep. She falls over and quickly crawls away from the now-burning vehicle.

It's at this time her hood is blown off, revealing long, dark hair underneath her hood, though her face is still obscured.

The woman quickly gathers the gas canister, lighter, and another long, metal object from the shattered glass next to the Jeep and quickly jogs away.

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This entire interaction takes no more than 30 seconds, with the last half of the minute-long video depicting the car slowly being consumed by the flames. Neither of the cars parked on either side appear to be affected by the fire.

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Where did the video take place?

Since the video first began circulating, there have been various reports that seem to match up with the video, though none have been confirmed yet.

Some versions of the video claim that the incident took place in Los Angeles, though that cannot be confirmed at this time.

Another theory also suggested the video took place in Madison, Wis., though the validity of this claim is currently unclear.

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WMTV, an NBC affiliate, released a report closely aligning with the events that transpired in the video, though the vehicle in question was a Chevy Impala instead of a Jeep.

According to the outlet, Kelly S. Hayes was arrested for damage to that vehicle, reporting that the woman used a baseball bat to smash open the car windows before setting it on fire.

Many of the video titles also suggest that the Jeep's owner was an ex of the woman in the video, though since it is unclear where or when the video actually took place, this, too cannot be confirmed.

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