“Dead Giveaway” — Woman Learns Her Boyfriend Is Cheating Thanks to Restaurant Receipts

"The first receipt with the two glasses of sauv blanc?! Dead giveaway," wrote a commenter.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 17 2024, Published 12:11 p.m. ET

Girlfriend Finds Cheating Boyfriend's Restaurant Receipts
Source: TikTok | @keepingup.withkeke

In her 1998 track "It's Not Right but It's Okay," Whitney Houston delineates an all-too-familiar scenario that usually results in cheaters getting found out:

"Friday night you and your boys went out to eat, uhhh / Then they hung out / But you came home around three, yes you did / If six of y'all went out, ah / Then four of you were really cheap, yeah / 'Cause only two of you had dinner / I found your credit card receipt."

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It's that last line of this particular verse that probably hits close to home for a lot of people — the physical evidence that starts the wheels turning your head and you begin to wonder just where your significant other has been all of those times you guys weren't hanging out together and they weren't at work.

It's something that a TikToker named Ke Ke (@keepingup.withkeke) ended up experiencing first-hand, and she recorded herself discovering, in real time, some curious-looking receipts she found on the counter at her long-distance boyfriend's place when she went to go and visit him in Tampa, Fla.

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She has several follow-up story time posts providing further context into the situation as well, but the raw footage of her, relaying to viewers that she caught this man dead to rights in the moment, contains guttural emotions that are too genuine to be faked as viewers see her work through this realization in real time.

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"This is how dumb men are, OK? Let me just show y'all. I'm at my boo's house right now, right, he's out and I'm like looking on the counter for my keys, I'm about to go down to the pool. And I see the receipt from where we went to dinner last night," she says, holding up the piece of paper to show off into the camera.

Ke Ke continues, "There's all these receipts on the counter, OK, I'm like, hmm, well I'm nosy, I might as well just go through them. Find a receipt from the 12th, all right. It has two different whatever-that-is of the same thing and then two different drinks."

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The receipt in question is from a place called Maloney's Local Irish Pub located in Tampa, showing an order of two glasses of sauvignon blanc wine along with another beverage titled Electric Lemon and another called Blk Berry Lemon.

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The TikToker went on to narrate: "I'm like OK well maybe he was just drinking..." She then picks up another receipt from off-camera from a True Food Kitchen restaurant. However, she notes that there were "two different meals" at the place: a Teriyaki Remix Bowl and a Thai Peanut Noodle Bowl, both of which had steak and chicken added to it.

"I'm like maybe he just was hungry, got two meals..." she says. However, she zooms her camera in on a portion of the receipt that distinctly states there were two guests at the restaurant at the same time.

"Two guests. OK..."

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She adds in a text overlay of the video that the couple are long-distance and that she hasn't been to Tampa since March. "Found some more," Ke Ke says as she grabs another receipt, documenting the moment she discovers what seems like evidence that her man was going out and grabbing dinners with someone else he was footing the bill for.

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As she holds the receipt, the paper flutters between her trembling fingers, "My hand is like literally shaking. I'm so pissed off right now. Uh, Thai restaurant, all right, two different meals..." she says, again zooming in on the restaurant receipt that reads the meals were for two separate people.

"Party of two. On the 12th. This is how ... this is how stupid men are," she says before turning the camera around so she can speak directly into the lens. "This is how stupid ... leave it right there on the counter. And it's crazy because like, no, I would never think 'oh let me look at the receipts on his counter.' .... [W]hen you think you're looking for s---, you think you're gonna look through their phone or their social media."

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Instead, Ke Ke says, people basically "play themselves" with their own carelessness: "Right here. In our faces. I was here, I've been here all weekend. It's been on the counter this whole time. All this other stuff. Right here. Just in my face, chilling," she says while grabbing the receipts in her hand and crumpling them up in front of the camera.

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"The universe really be sending you s--- right in front of my face, and I was like something just told me like let me just look through these receipts real quick. Something just, why, why? Why would I go through receipts?"

Have you ever discovered someone was cheating on you through an act of carelessness on their part? What was your first reaction? Does watching Ke Ke's video resonate?

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