“Our Marriage Licensed Expired” — Wife Pranks Husband Into Thinking They Need $2K to Stay Married

"He was still in — just not for $2,000."

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Jun. 14 2024, Published 2:31 p.m. ET

Wife Pranks Husband Marriage License Expired
Source: TikTok | @userkaykiker2020

Possessing a driver's license can get pretty frustrating. In order to quality for one in the first place, you'll need to bring a bunch of personal identifiers and official documentation — some which can't even be laminated (like your birth certificated and social security card) — to a dungeon of a motor vehicles office somewhere.

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Then, when it expires or it's on the brink of expiring, it's not like you can just bring that same driver's license as proof of who you are — you'll need to get all of those documents back to the DMV all over again. It seems kind of insane that the issuing authority doesn't trust its own documentation for proof of who you are — how did they not know they're the ones who gave it to you in the first place?!

Thankfully, marriage licenses don't operate in that same way. But there are some people who aren't privy to this information and they've been led to believe, in fact, that these matrimonial documents can indeed expire. Like TikToker Kayla Kiker's (@userkaykiker2020) husband, who, on a phone call, was honestly convinced his marriage license expired.

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Kayla documented her prank in a viral TikTok that's garnered over 2.8 million views on the popular social media app. "It expired last year apparently," she says at the top of the video while in the middle of a phone call with her hubby as she sits at a dual-monitor work station. "On our anniversary date. I didn't know, I just got the letter in the mail."

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Husband: "What?"

Kayla: "I just got the letter in the mail and they said our marriage license expired. November of '23."

Husband: [after being silent for a beat] "I thought it was a one-time thing?"

Kayla: "I guess it's not. I guess you're supposed to renew it every so many years."

Kayla: [continued] "You gotta pay a fee, too. It's expired, they want $2,000 to pay the d--- fee?

Husband: "It's what?!"

Kayla: "It's $2,000 to renew it."

Husband: "Did you say $2,000?!"

Kayla: "Yes!"

There's a slight beat on the other line again, and when her husband does being to speak, he doesn't sound all that enthused about the charge.

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Wife Pranks Husband Marriage License Expired
Source: TikTok | @userkaykiker2020

Husband: "Oh, no, no, and this is in Chambers County, right?"

Kayla: "Nope, no we didn't get married in Chambers County, we got married in Jefferson County." At this point in the video she looks into the camera, mouthing that the county he initially mentioned was correct.

Husband: "No, no, no we went to the Chambers County court house —"

Kayla: "Are you sure?"

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Husband: "Yes, I'm sure, I'll call the county court. That's ridiculous, I've never heard of that in my life. Somebody is scamming, that's ridiculous, there's no possible way."

Kayla attempts to hold in her laughter.

Husband: [continued] "I can understand paying a fee, not no d--- $2,000 that's absolutely ridiculous."

Kayla: "But you're supposed to renew your marriage license every two years?"

Husband: "No, no, no I don't think so. I know the d--- county clerk, I know Heather Hawthorne personally. I'm gonna call her up, that's ridiculous."

Kayla: "Are you sure? I don't wanna get in no trouble."

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Wife Pranks Husband Marriage License Expired
Source: TikTok | @userkaykiker2020

Husband: "Does it say it needs to be renewed?"

Kayla: "Well it says it has to be renewed, we're not legally married no more."

Husband: "Well I mean ... OK ... I'd like to be legally married to you." [laughs]

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Kayla: "I mean I understand but, I don't know what to do with this."

Husband: "Let me call the court house right now ... send me ... text me a picture of the letter."

Kayla: "OK"

Husband: "I'm gonna call the clerk's office right now."

Kayla: [smiling] "OK, I'll send you a picture."

She hangs up the phone and then looks directly at the person who is standing behind the camera, recording their conversation.

The video then transitions to a photo of the letter in question that she says she received from the County Clerk's office.

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Wife Pranks Husband Marriage License Expired
Source: TikTok | @userkaykiker2020

It's a handwritten note that simply states: "You owe me 2k you let us expire....County Clerk"

The video then cuts to Kayla sitting down at her desk. She receives a phone call and when she answers it, her husband's voice can be heard on the other line.

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"Are you actively trying to kill me?" he asks, which prompts an outburst of laughter from the woman. "I'm already f------ stressed today as it is," he tells her as she continues to giggle while he speaks.

"And I just got off the phone with the clerk's office."

"Did you really call?" she says, unable to complete her sentence as she begins to crack up laughing on the phone. "What did she tell you?" she asked.

"They told me that once a marriage license has been issued it's good for 90 days and you don't have to renew it," he says. Then, a communal outburst of laughter erupts throughout the room.

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