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Source: netflix

The 'Girls with Balls' Cast Features a Bunch of Amazing French Actresses You've Never Heard Of


Who are the cast members of Girls with Balls? The French volleyball-themed horror comedy features an ensemble group of talent that runs pretty deep. Directed by Olivier Alfonso, the slasher film follows a pretty generic premise: a high-school team of athletes, The Falcons, get stranded in a backwoods area. 

They find they're not alone, of course, when a gang of rednecks (who don't take too kindly to outsiders) tries to hunt them.

It all starts after the teenagers and their coach go to a restaurant/bar in a podunk area and are a little too high on themselves after winning big. As they cavort and celebrate (dancing on tables and such), the locals in the establishment are offended and a fight nearly breaks out. 

It's de-escalated, but as anyone who's ever watched a single horror film can tell you: early formed grudges persist.