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Woman Pranks Her Roommate by Covering Her Entire Room in Goldfish



Leah Thompson (not Lea Thompson the actress) wanted to play a prank on her roommate. But she wanted it to be relatively harmless. So she simply bought a giant box of Goldfish crackers, covered her roommate's entire room in the cheesy snack, and also built a pathway of Goldfish to her room. 

The prank went viral on TikTok and sparked a debate about whether or not it was right to waste all those delicious fish crackers on a prank. Some thought the prank was fun and clever; others mourned the loss of all those once-edible crackers. Leah's video, though, starts with one single Goldfish.

Source: TikTok

As Adele's "Someone Like You" plays in the background, Leah takes us through a POV view of the entire apartment leading up to the Goldfish covered room. She simply captions the video, "prank szn." It has nearly 200,000 views.

As Leah walks through the apartment, following a trail of crackers, it becomes clear that something is afoot. The trail is loopy and meandering, but there's no mistaking where it's going. Outside of her roommate's room is a pile of Goldfish and the bag itself. 

Source: TikTok

And then, Leah opens the door to the room. And there are Goldfish everywhere. I mean everywhere. They are meticulously laid out in close rows over the entire floor, her bed, her pillows...everything. Giant bags of Goldfish line her bed. 

You get the sense that it would be absolutely impossible to take a step into the room without crushing several Goldfish and making an even bigger mess. It's actually quite impressive.

Although we don't see Leah's roommate's reaction to the prank, plenty of people reacted in the comments. "Now that's commitment," one person wrote. 

"Why would you waste all that cheesy goodness?" another TikTok user lamented. And yet another person was thinking more practically: "Ants have entered the chat." If they did have a pest problem before, this probably didn't help matters. I hope they own a vacuum. 

After the video went totally viral, Leah and her roommate (the one whose room was Goldfish'ed) hopped on a follow-up video to answer the question about whether or not the prank attracted ants. Thankfully, that doesn't seem to be the case. But her roommate also didn't seem totally thrilled with the prank in the first place.

"I don't like Goldfish anymore," the roommate says to the camera. But thank goodness, the prank did not cause an infestation of ants. The roommate says that it took her about 30 minutes to clean the whole thing up. I imagine it involved a trash bag and a lot of scooping. Maybe a broom and a dustpan were involved. 

In any case, like any good prankster, Leah and her other roommates did not help clean up the mess. They left it entirely for the victim to figure out. You know, as far as TikTok pranks go, this one is pretty mild. I still wouldn't envy the cleanup job, but at least no one got physically hurt and no bugs were attracted to the scene.

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