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Source: Twitter

If You Don't Want Children, the 'Gonna Tell My Kids' Meme Just Might Change Your Mind


I honestly think that the main reason people have children is to subject them to ridicule for their entertainment. Forcing them into frumpy or silly clothing, making them perform weird dance numbers, and recording their reactions to eating lemons or throwing cheese on their faces - it's obvious we're turning them into little balls of entertainment. Heck, Kids Say the Darndest Things and Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader have been exploiting children for our amusement for years and years.

'Gonna tell my kids' memes that will make you laugh:

1. I will say, though, that the 'Gonna Tell my Kids' meme is probably the best example of this longtime phenomenon.

Source: Twitter

The premise is extremely simple: when you raise a child, you can pretty much subject them to the weirdest made-up facts and they'll go their entire lives believing them to be true.