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Source: twitter

Laugh at These iPhone 11 Memes While You're Waiting in Line to Spend $1,000


Apple has just as many die-hard fans as it has die-hard detractors, and personally, I used to be part of the latter group, mainly because of practices like this. I was especially flabbergasted when the first iPhone came out. People forget that it didn't even pack 3G internet speeds when the technology was already available in flip phones. The original iPhone was incapable of sending picture messages and it couldn't even record video either!

Its 2-megapixel camera was also pretty lame, and the recessed 3.5mm headset jack meant that there was a decent chance you couldn't use your favorite pair of headphones with it. Then there was the price: $600, with a contract, for the 8gb version, with no option to expand the storage with an SD card. It also didn't have support for turn-by-turn navigation out of the box, which was a feature, that again, other phones that cost hundreds of dollars less, had at the time.