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Source: Facebook

Wedding Photographer Rants About iPhones at Weddings to Mixed Responses


Remember when phones were just phones, not also cameras and computers and GPS devices? Yeah, me neither. Whether or not phones should be allowed at weddings is an increasingly popular discussion among the recently betrothed. 

Some people don't want their guests to have their phones out at their wedding. They want all eyes on them all the time, and they hand out cheesy signs in whimsical cursive that say things like "Welcome to our unplugged ceremony. Don't be a d*ck. Put away that selfie stick." (OK, I made up the second part.) And that's their prerogative.

Personally, I want everyone to have their phones out the entire time when I get married. I need every angle captured of me and my beautiful dress (and husband, too, I guess). Yes, I will also have a professional photographer on hand, but I need insurance shots! Snap those pics!

But one wedding photographer can't stand when guests use their phones to take pictures during the ceremony, and she recently posted her feelings to Facebook.

Source: Facebook