"Goodwill Is Tripping" — Customer Claims Goodwill Is Charging $50 for Scrapbook Paper

A Goodwill customer had an unpleasant experience at a local store. Would you be willing to pay $50 for scrapbook paper? She definitely wasn't.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Sep. 6 2023, Published 11:46 a.m. ET

There’s a reason Macklemore made his debut single all about the “Thrift Shop.” Thrifting has long been a popular pastime for those who enjoy adding new clothes, household items, jewelry, etc., to their collections for a relatively reasonable price.

Some even return the favor by bringing clothes to donate to the same thrift store they bought items from.

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When that happens, stores like the Salvation Army and Goodwill have been two prominent companies shoppers go to giveaway the things they don’t want for free to be sold in the stores.

Despite the gesture being something many have done for decades, Goodwill has its faults. One customer who shops at the thrift store accused it of gouging the prices of several items — including a $50 bundle of scrapbook paper!

Keep reading for the full scoop.

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“Goodwill is tripping lately” and charging $50 for scrapbook paper.

On several occasions, I’ve used Goodwill to update my wardrobe at a fraction of what most retailers charge. Whether searching for a Halloween costume or a new fall jacket, Goodwill typically has what I need for less than $10.

Since my experience with Goodwill has been a breeze for the most part, I can’t imagine any of the items in Goodwill originally costing less than the company’s price cut. However, according to Becca Jahn (@becaboomm) on TikTok, Goodwill’s prices aren’t always the best deal.

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In August 2023, Becca was shopping in her local Goodwill and decided to take her TikTok community along for the journey. Becca began her video by saying, "Goodwill is tripping lately,” and pointing her phone’s camera to a peach tank top.

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As Becca focuses on the cami, she zooms in on the item’s original price, which was $2.98. She then showed her audience the price tag Goodwill gave, which was $4.99, almost $2 more than the original price! And, as Becca pointed out, Goodwill got the top for FREE since it was a donation.

Becca’s frustration continues as she moves on to another highly-priced item: A bin of scrapbook paper. The pink, transparent container had clear tape around it and showed a hint of the scrapbook paper, which was filled up to the brim. After Becca flaunted the item, she asked her followers to “guess” how much Goodwill charged for the paper.

“$50,” Becca said, emphasizing, “$50. And they got it for free. They got it donated for free.”

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Commenters responded to Becca’s post by slamming Goodwill and refusing to donate or shop there.

While Becca was seemingly alone during her shopping trip to Goodwill, her TikTok community supported her calling out the non-profit organization’s pricing practices.

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Underneath the TikToker’s comments section, she received multiple comments from users who noticed Goodwill reportedly ups their prices to those who came to the store to avoid spending a lot of money.

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“This Is why I don't shop at Goodwill!!” one commenter exclaimed.

“I love seeing Dollar Tree stuff there for $5,” another user said of the company.

Although many commenters weren't shocked by the price gouging at Goodwill, they weren't amused either.

In addition to not wanting to put their hard-earned coins into Goodwill, Becca also heard from other TikTokers who refused to donate to the organization because they didn’t like any parts of its financial strategy.

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“My mom refuses to donate to Goodwill because of that,” one user said in response to Becca’s video.

“And this why I don't donate to Goodwill 😳😳😳😳,” a second commenter declared.

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“I don't donate there anymore,” another one wrote, adding, “I’d rather it go somewhere I know it'll benefit someone other than a corporation’s bank account.”

Hopefully, Goodwill will find its inner “goodwill” to lower its prices soon! Until then, its customers will remain on its necks! Price gouging at Goodwill is the last thing people need to deal with.

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